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Thursday, 13 September 2012 13:49


I see durian, mangoes, mangosteens, lanzones, oranges, marang, rambutan, etc.... in our fruitstalls around the City. I guess this time, since there are lesser encounters in the mountains between the rebels and the military, landowners are able to harvest the fruits in their lands. There were times in the past when there were only few fruits for sale because of war.

This morning (Monday), after eating our breakfast, we ate durian, courtesy of Hadja Insih Hosseini and her son Heydar. Thank you very much. The native durian was sweet and we enjoyed eating around three seed pulps only, scared our blood pressure will zoom up, hehe. Our doctors tell us to avoid eating the following fruits like durian, marang, lanzones, and avocado, as they are very rich foods that can contribute to the rising of our blood pressure. So, senior citizens, beware!    Don’t you know that if you have fruit trees in your farm like mangoes, durian, pineapple, and mangosteens, you can make jams or jellies, or fruit preserves like the mangoes, out of these fruits and make money out of it? I can remember, when I was president of the defunct Jayceerette Civic Club in the 70s, I was invited to a workshop for food preservation that I attended. Ma’am Rosing Eustaquio was also in our group. People who knew her personally won’t be surprised to see her join us as she is a good cook. I learned a lot that time from making mango and sayote pickles, and I made good guava jelly too. One tip I can share with you is to make guava jellies out of the native guavas as they taste better. If only there are native guavas for sale, I would like to mass produce it and sell, but alas, native guavas seem to have disappeared in the market. I don’t like the guava jellies sold in groceries, because I think they are adulterated with corn starch. You hardly can spread the jelly on the bread. 

The prices of these fruits have tripled, but because our palate crave for them once in a while, we buy them sometimes. By the way, before I bid goodbye in this column If you happen to buy lanzones while you are making a paseo, please don’t forget not to litter the peelings and seeds in our city streets. Let’s help keep our city streets clean!