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Thursday, 13 September 2012 13:51


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth…” (Psalm 121:1-2, the Holy Bible).
* * * *

ROTARY CLUB OF INTRAMUROS TURN-OVER CEREMONY: I am thankful to God, in the name of Jesus, that the Rotary Club of Intramuros is once more witnessing its annual turn-over of leadership to its new set of officers who will be at the helm in discharging and fulfilling the very noble mission entrusted to all Rotarians worldwide—which is “Service Above Self”—for Rotary Year 2012-2013, by “Building Peace Through Service”.
This turn-over and induction ceremony on September 13, 2012 is a testament to the enduring commitment of the Club’s members, aptly called the “Ilustres” of Rotary International District 3810, to continue being in the forefront of helping the poor, the marginalized, and the multitude of less fortunate members of Philippine society, voluntarily, and always selflessly.

Personally, this is my second turn-over and induction ceremony with the Club. I first did this in 2007, after finishing my first term as president under the Leader Team of Past District Governor Lyne Abanilla, who also belongs to the Rotary Club of Intramuros. I have been honored by the Club when it returned me as president once again, for Rotary Year 2011-2012—the only one so re-elected in its 31-year history.
* * * *

LET US CONTINUE TO LIVE BY ROTARY IDEALS: As long as we have members who are willing to set aside personal interests to pursue the collective dream of Rotary to serve each and every person who is in need and to make a difference in his life, and then take the mantle of Club leadership even at the cost of personal comfort, finances and, occasionally, relationships, and as long as we hold on together, as the popular song goes, in our desire to serve without expecting anything in return, then, our dream of seeing the world changed for the best will never die.

Indeed, through the years, the Rotary Club of Intramuros has continued to “Lead the Way” in the worldwide effort to be the charitable and service organization of choice, as shown by Ilustres tirelessly joining Rotarians of all kinds of creed and color, all kinds of faith and spiritual denominations and political persuasions everywhere, to “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.”

As we draw to a close the ChangeMaker Year under the leadership of RI President Kalyan Banerjee of the Rotary Club of Vappee, India, and of District Governor Ernesto Y. Choa of the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila, may I make this plea, one more time: let us continue to live by the Rotary ideals enshrined in its Four Way Test.
* * * *

TRUTH, FAIRNESS, GOODWILL, BENEFIT TO ALL: Let us pursue the truth, for the truth shall set us free. Let us pursue everything that is fair, for it will be the source of success, protection, direction, and benediction for everyone.

Let us pursue goodwill and better friendships, for goodwill proceeds from the heart of the righteous, and better friendships come to those who know how to be humble before God and before his fellowmen.

Let us pursue what is beneficial for all, for then, a nation where everyone benefits from the bounty of God and from the generosity of all men is a nation that is upright, listening to, and obeying God, at all times, no matter what the cost. Mabuhay!!!
* * * *

NEW RC INTRAMUROS PRESIDENT: ADOR PARONG: By the way, the Club’s new president is Pastor Consolador Parong. Installed as the 35th president of the Club, he is to be assisted by veteran Ilustres, most of whom have already served the Rotary Club of Intramuros in various capacities. All of them are committed to doing “Service Above Self”. Again, mabuhay!!!!
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