BLAZING THOUGHTS : Common sense and discipline ignored PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 September 2012 14:33


It’s a common sight of students pair by pair walking to school or frolicking inside the campus or leaving the school after classes. Friends and classmates as they are.

Mind you, some of them are under the influence of the indomitable feeling love. Biologically the high school age is the stage in the life cycle where the heart is undergoing a significant change—from a child to adolescent. Of course, an exception for those falling in love as early as elementary or late in college or never at all.

This is the time when the child needs the power of counseling and guidance to control or regulate the spell that stirs the heart. However, in certain instances no amount of counseling can ever subdue the overwhelming feeling of love that tends to drive craving or urging to the extreme. Pre-marital sex is indubitable to happen. And the result is — early pregnancy, dropping out, no marriage but if allowed to live in, parents shoulder all expenses which may lead to broken home and abandoned children.

Be that as it may, but prohibiting a pair of teenagers from falling in love with each other may sound inhumane.

Similarly telling a jobless man not to get married or telling a poor couple not to have a child or telling a married man not to have an illicit affair with another woman. Although the intention is good, but if we don’t know how properly dip our finger into their “love life” we might be courting trouble. It’s their private life and a part of their basic liberties guaranteed by the Universal Laws.

From the news reports, we’ve learned that a housemaid murdered her employer to rob for the sake of her sick mother. Poor and less educated she can only work as a maid, but she wished to have her mother cured.

Another woman pretended to work as a maid and would loot the house later by poisoning the employers. She has been doing this for a living until she was arrested here in Zamboanga City.

An ex-policeman was nabbed for selling illegal drugs. Terminated from the service for mulcting or extortion in his province, he turned to unlawful occupation to earn a living.

A prowler or akyat bahay thief was arrested after robbing several houses. Poor and uneducated he fed his family by stealing.

An illegal recruiter who used to deceive young girls from the provinces into working in Malaysia but turned out as prostitutes, was arrested in an entrapment operation.

Downtown in the streets, it’s a wretched sight to see abandoned children begging for money or food, some scavenging in garbage piles, snatching, sniffing rugby and sleeping on the pavement. Of course, we can’t overlook the disabled beggars and neglected elders holding out a tin can or open palms.

These are only few of the millions of jobless people or no stable means of living who are forced to go into unlawful occupation or engage in illegal activities for them to live.

According to a famous psychologist, it all started at a time when common sense and discipline have been ignored yielding to the desire of the heart for that moment of ecstasy which is called love.

A point to ponder—what is private and what was done in private, now ifs causing a stir or paroxysm in the community and the nation as a whole. Definitely it creates an obstruction to economic growth and development.