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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:59


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`And they will go out and look on the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; the worms that eat them will not die, the fire that burns them will not be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind’...” (Isaiah 66:24, the Holy Bible).
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11 YEAR-OLD GIRL STABS FATHER TO DEATH: The story of an 11-year old girl from Argao, Cebu, stabbing to death her own father in reaction to the father’s beating the girl’s mother and cutting off the mother’s foot with a hacksaw is heart-rending enough, but the lack of remorse in the girl for what she did to her father is more mind-blowing.

According to police investigators who took the girl into their custody, the child did not even cry after learning that her father died after she stabbed him. Rather, she was more concerned about the safety of her mother, on the thought that her future and that of her equally-young siblings would be a lot better if the mother were alive, and the unruly father dead.

Maybe we cannot blame the girl for this thought, for news reports say that the father would often beat the mother in front of their children, on account of the mother being jealous of the father’s relentless womanizing. And maybe we should really blame the dead father for his unworthy conduct. But then, this leads us to the question: why are all these happening to our country now?
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FILIPINOS NOW THINK ONLY OF THEMSELVES: The problem seems to be that more and more Filipinos now think about nothing more other than their own interests. What is important now to many of us is our own selves—how we can push our own welfare, how we can satisfy our desires, how we can put one over the other fellow, just so we can achieve what we want.

We can see these in our everyday lives. On the road, we can see that drivers and motorists would often cut one another, take the counter-flow and overtake others who are patiently waiting in their lanes, just to be in front of a traffic queue and therefore drive away ahead.

In many public and private offices, no one wants to attend to people who have transactions to complete, without the usual grease money being given. In our families and inside our own homes, no one wants to do household chores anymore, leaving it to whoever would be minded to do them.
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GENERATIONS GROWING UP WITHOUT GOD: Why is this happening? Reasons upon reasons will be advanced by the learned and the experts, but I think that this is because generations and generations of Filipinos have grown up without being taught that it is not only the self which is important but the nation as well. 

And why did this happen? Simply because most of us grew up as “rebels”,  without being taught anymore that there is a God who will account for all the things that we did. In fact, no Filipino family talks about God anymore. No Filipino father or mother teaches their children anymore that one day we will all die, and then face God and make an accounting of ourselves.

With many of us not being taught about God—and with many of us not being taught to listen to God through His Bible, and not being taught to obey Him in His commands—it is no wonder that many of us have grown rebellious with criminal, and yes, Satanic and devilish, minds, capable of doing evil things. Indeed, hell with its fire and worms is waiting for many Filipinos.
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