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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 14:00


You might ask me what business do I have to write something about the political parties of the United States when we’re here in the Phillippines. Well, I’ll tell you this as an answer. It’s nice to be knowledgeable about United States which has always been our ally and which has stood beside us all the time as I commented in one of my past columns.  I feel personally safe with the presence of the Balikatan forces in our midst, because it will discourage nearby countries in Asia that have plans to invade us to pursue their ambition. We can never tell.

My hubby hates my way of thinking. He says I always think in advance, which he says, is a figment of my imagination, Teehee. I recently was in contact with two individuals who live in America, but I wouldn’t mention their names. Since we were talking of our local politics, I had the chance to ask them in whose side they will support since election time in U.S. is nearing. One said she wouldn’t vote for President Obama because his administration doesn’t have money, and in fact, he wants all offices to cut off their budget into half. This person also said that Pres. Obama is not even a natural born US citizen. How true this is, we don’t know because I was just listening. So this tells us this person is a Republican.

I spoke to another person. This time, this person is a Republican, but he likes Obama, because of his foreign policies. He isn’t strict with foreigners living in America. Children of immigrants born there, becomes American citizens automatically. While Romney, the presidential candidate of the Republicans, opposes this law. This person also added that if Romney wins, he wants to lower the taxes of the business community by 1%, and cover up the cash deficiency by getting it from the pensions of the senior citizens, which this person opposes, because this person is a senior citizen too. This person also commented most Filipinos in America don’t like Obama, maybe because of his color! I’ll say this, he may be right only for a few, but not for the majority. In defense of Pres. Obama’s citizenry, he was born in America. His father hails from Kenya, Africa. This person will definitely vote for Pres. Obama who is a Democrat.

Whoever wins the presidential election on November, we hope he will not forget the close ties  the Philippines and the U.S. have, and keep it burning, as we Filipinos look up to America as our mother country. We can’t forget history that we were once under America during the Commonwealth Government