CLASS RECORD : Eddie disturbs a courtship PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 September 2012 14:42

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

There was no finer gentleman throughout the district than Eddie.  He was knowledgeable  in Calculus, and he knew the secret recipes for guava jelly and fish chowder. When he talked about his food discoveries with some trusted people (which were very few),  it was always  in a whisper lest some unscrupulous  enterprisers hear and make a business out of his hard earned food formula.

Eddie’s passion was finding out the secrets of every trade like how to culture mushroom, the technique of grating a coconut and his latest was guitar chord structures and their forms of execution. But  unlike his precious recipes, he shared his musical treasures  with anyone, whether they liked to listen or not.

It was  in one of these occasions that Raymond visited  his eldest daughter, Nelly. Eddie just discovered a unique marching beat from a song book, and was trying to master the rhythm, audibly counting the beats 1,2,3,4 while conducting with his  right hand.

Upon seeing the young man enter, he straightaway demonstrated to the very surprised suitor how to conduct the marching beat correctly. He took the hand of the lad, and guided it to the tempo, with Eddie getting more and more passionate as the correct rhythm  was almost achieved by the boy.  Raymond too, catching his enthusiasm  forgot all about the first intention of his visit  and was already absorbed in attaining mastery  until late at night.

Finally, it was time for Raymond to go, and Eddie walked with him to the gate still giving him some final  instructions on how to really  acquire  the perfect cadence of that marching song.

Poor Nelly, she was really looking forward with some private time with Raymond, her school mate in high school,  whose acquaintance she just rediscovered that afternoon. She watched them sadly as they walked to the gate with Raymond still muttering to himself 1,2,3,4  his hand unconsciously moving up and down in front of him.

Eddie was very satisfied with his musical progress that he was genuinely surprised when his wife chided him about monopolizing Raymond when the young man did not  go there for him. 

Anyway, all still went well with Raymond and Nelly for when Raymond promptly called on Nelly the following night, Eddie merely nodded at the boy and went back to his calculus book.