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Monday, 24 September 2012 14:52


We compare the weather to women. It is the impression of people that women easily change their minds, and we are compared to the weather. One day it is sunny, suddenly, it starts to rain.

Our weather has been unpredictable lately. Earlier in the day, it is sunny. We can see the sun shining and in fact, it is so hot. Then suddenly, the sky darkens and the rain starts falling down. It’s been raining frequently these past two days, making the days and nights dreary. I’m sure places in low lands will suffer floods. I sympathize with people living in low areas, especially  for those places that haven’t dried up yet.

I know that in some areas in our own Latin City, there are areas that would suffer flooding, but I know our local government will be ready to respond during emergencies. I only hope and pray our weather will go back to normal as soon as possible. Even our electricity is affected, as here in Barangay Tetuan, we suffered blackouts for nearly four hours in the morning. It resumed at past 11 am.  We’re not sure what is causing the strong rains. Can it only be the monsoon or is it part of the typhoon?
* * * *

By the way, our son Veepee is having a dry run of his restaurant ‘Don Vicente Restaurante Latino, first of its kind in our beloved Latin Zamboanga, located just beside our residence in Crispin Atilano St., before he goes full blast on Oct. 10. He’ll be serving Italian and Mexican cuisines. His cooks are; an Italian-Filipino mestizo, Dennis Lizio, who will cook Italian cuisines, and Anthony Jaldon, Who will be cooking Mexican foods. Anthony was employed as a cook at the Picantina Restaurante, in Dubai.

Instead of cooking, I started buying our viands for our meals at Don Vicente Restaurante Latino.  The viands I ordered taste good ‘coz they’re using herbs that give distinct flavors. You don’t have to go to Mexico and Italy to taste their foods, because we have them right here in Latin Zamboanga!
Vamos Al Restaurante Latino Don Vicente! See You!
* * * *

Last Thursday, a mass was offered in honor of the 7th Death Anniversary of the late Dr. Danny A. Bucoy, by his loving wife Olive at the Tetuan Crypt. It was officiated by Fr. Mars Villagracia. Close friends and relatives of Olive were present. We had lunch at Lotus Restaurant after the mass.