Condemn that which divides PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 September 2012 14:53


The Philippine authorities, most specifically the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has issued a decree that that it will totally ban the showing of the blasphemous “Innocence of Muslims”.

This is a wise decision because the movie, even based on the trailer shown on the YouTube, is not only a blatant slur on Prophet Mohammad but also on our brother Muslims. Muslims and Christians in the Philippines may differ in faith, but neither the Muslims or Christians make a slight on each other. There are issues pertaining to government neglect of Muslim populations but these are the very same issues also aired by the Christians. The secessionism is an offshoot of this social iniquity. While they bear arms to demand for independence, the Christians opted to do otherwise. This is only as much as the difference is concerned. As to respecting each other’s culture and religion we have an interfaith reverence. This is the reason why not a few intermarriage happen in Christian or Muslim-dominated communities.

Terrorists engage in non-Islamic activities have no place among peace loving Muslims for which reason they cannot actually flourish in Mindanao. They may have deceived some but sooner they are unmasked. That is why the extremists among them have to seek shelter in extremely remote and mountainous areas.

To argue that banning the mediocre and offensive movie is an affront to freedom of expression is a lot of shit. It does not stand to reason that a cheap, crude and offensive movie is considered an art or expression while ignoring the impact of the movie on the sensibilities of our brother Muslims.

In time when we are about to reach an agreement on the peace summit, we who value our Christian and Muslim brotherhood must condemn this trash which the West call a piece of art or freedom of expression. This is nothing but a piece of despicable attempt to sow divisiveness among communities that have live together in unity amidst diversities.