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Friday, 28 September 2012 14:15

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Some moments do not just subside as easily as the rest. They are there to stay a while, and charge you with pleasure and even a little ache. These are the jewels  found inside the treasure chests of our lives. 

And even if the items therein seem insignificant to others, you can never fathom the depth of attachment they have on another. Here are some items from my own treasure chest:  passion

The silver necklace — This is one of the most precious belongings in my memory box, because it was given to me by my eldest daughter, Tina.  She was just  nine years old  when she handed  me a small, pretty  parcel. I cannot forget her expression — eyes shining and face flushed as she waited for me to open it. To my surprise, it contained the shiniest silver necklace with the reddest pendant I have ever seen.

It was a ten-peso worth of jewelry, and I wore it to my doctorate class that night. Tina was full of pride when she saw the glittery chain around my neck as I left for school.

After an hour, the necklace started to tarnish that  my classmates were surprised, with the  color change and so I told them the story. But until now, no jewelry in this world has ever yet,  made me prouder than that time I wore Tina’s silver necklace.

The awkward boy — Conrad, my nephew, is quite an eccentric lad. He seems oblivious of any awkwardness, that the person who commits the faux pas, does not become self conscious.  For this reason, everybody likes him especially those who are easily embarrassed. 

In his own family, he is not liked, he is adored especially by his grandmother and aunts like me.  Why?  Because although he is a six-foot, 18 year old boy, he has the tendency to lean on us as though we were the very stable tower of Gibraltar. And when he hugs you, he acts like  a cuddly, chubby  teddy bear, instead of the bony sharp-limbed lad that he really is.  He makes us laugh when he relates humorous stories from his college which is outside town. 

The stunning  cat — My co-teacher Joseph, would award,  “The Most Stunning Teacher” to the one who is  hardly recognizable in their gowns and make-up on October 5.  Someone totally transformed. I dare say, my cat Jollibee, fits this category.  She was just a  yowling  creature   hiding under the chassis of my car parked in Jollibee.  He was still there when I picked-up my son,  passed by market, and till I got home. When we took her out from the under the car, she was a defiant, scrawny little thing  screaming for dear life. Now, after a year, there is no prettier cat,  in my whole compound than Jollibee. Whenever I look at her, I marvel at her transformation,  not only is her fur glossy and fluffy, she has now a very elegant meow.