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Monday, 01 October 2012 14:09


The case of the Marsan couple and their house helper Bonita is very intriguing and unbelievable. I don’t know if the lawyer of Bonita, Atty. Acosta has ever employed maids in her household, and if she did, she will know what good liars these helpers are most of the times. I know, because I employ helpers too, and they just come and go, before you find out the reason why they are leaving your employment.

If I’ll have to sum up my experiences with my past helpers, it will take a lot of pages to summarize them one by one. I’ll mention only a few, to show you that some of those we employ aren’t angels.There was a time I lost a ring and a pair of earrings set with small diamonds and white gold when we were staying at St. Ignatius Village. That helper was just living nearby. Another maid broke my expensive blow glass lampshade. The covers of my small jars made in China are all broken. Even my expensive bowls and bases end up in the corners of my garden hidden. I discover them only very much later when they have already left my employment. Mama mia, I can only burst in anger, and if you discover them missing while they are still around, they will lie to high heavens! See what I mean.  When one of my daughters was just eight months old, I heard a loud bang like a coconut falling on a cement floor. I was resting that time inside our bedroom, when suddenly. I heard my daughter cry just a few seconds after the loud bang. I ran outside. I asked her yaya what happened. I knew by instinct my daughter fell but she lied, so I slapped her and she right away admitted to me my baby fell. I knew it was a bad fall ‘coz it took a few seconds before my baby cried. I think the small bone tumor my daughter has in her forehead was caused by the fall. Thanks to God it is just a benign growth.

Now that you have read some of my experiences with my house helpers, can you blame me if I tell you I don’t believe Bonita, the Marsans’ helper who is accusing them for maltreating her? If you are normal person, when somebody hurts you, your first reaction is to get away from the person who is hurting you. You will find means and ways to escape, right? You can shout so that the neighbors can hear and rescue you. In the case of Bonita, the Marsan neighbors have not heard anything, neither a shout from a person in pain, or asking for help. Don’t you think this is very unusual? I don’t think Mrs. Marsan will strike a figurine in her mouth, knowing she bought it for her home. How can she also go home if she was blind? I also can’t imagine Mrs. Marsan ironing her forehead without her uttering a sound in pain. One way or the other, one of the neighbors could have heard her? How would we know if those scars are self inflicted?

I only hope the Marsans have a good lawyer to defend them because I really do sympathize with them, especially with their children who need their love and care! I also hope that our lawmakers will not only make laws for the welfare of house helpers but also for the welfare of their employers. Please don’t look at it one sidedly, because we also end up at a disadvantage!