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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 12:11

ROTARIANS SET YOUTH SPORTSFEST: To commemorate its 25th year of continuously holding a sports contest for the youth under its jurisdiction, District 3810 of Rotary International (RI) under Global Gov. Tranquil Gervacio Salvador III is holding the “Rotaract/Interact Sportsfest 2011” on February 6, 2011 at the Philippine Sports Commission ULTRA track and field oval in Pasig City, Senior Deputy Governor Karen Tamayo, the public relations chair of District 3810, announced.
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MORE RAINS AND FLOODS TO COME: To understand why rains, floods and strong winds are wrecking death and destruction in the Philippines and many parts of the world nowadays, we must read Matthew 7:24-27 of the Bible, and see that Jesus Christ warned these calamities will come to anyone who no longer read the Bible and obey God’s commands. It seems unless we do what Jesus is asking us to do, more rains, floods and winds will come and destroy many.
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MANY FILIPINOS NO LONGER FEAR GOD? The way Caloocan City barangay councilman Reynaldo Dagsa was killed during the the New Year---being fired upon in close range in the presence of his wife and children, while cohorts of the criminal stood guard---shows there is no more faith in, and fear and love of, God among many Filipinos. It seems many Filipinos have developed a criminal heart and mind, even in their day-to-day lives, because they no longer fear God. Woe unto all of us!
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CORONATION OF MARY: The “Coronation of the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth” is the fifth “Glorious Mystery” in the Holy Rosary of Roman Catholic Christians, and, despite attempts by non-believers to discredit this aspect of Mary’s life, Catholics continue to hold on to it as part of their Christian faith.
Catholic leaders justify their belief about the coronation of Mary as the “Queen of Heaven and Earth” in the following manner: “(Mary) is the Mother of the Son of God, who is the messianic King. Mary is the Mother of Christ, the Word incarnate...Elizabeth greeted the Blessed Virgin, pregnant with Jesus, as `the Mother of my Lord.’ [Luke 1:41-43]
“She is the perfect follower of Christ. The maid of Nazareth consented to God's plan; she journeyed on the pilgrimage of faith; she listened to God's Word and kept it in her heart; she remained steadfastly in close union with her Son, all the way to the foot of the cross; she persevered in prayer with the Church.
“Thus in an eminent way she won the `crown of righteousness,’ [See 2 Timothy 4:8] the `crown of life,’ [See James 1:12; Revelation 2:10] the `crown of glory’ [See 1 Peter 5:4] that is promised to those who follow Christ….”
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