Zambo’s Yellow Boat sails in Tacloban PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 09:13

When the fury of Typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban City and other parts of Visayas last year, it destroyed almost all the surroundings on her path. Big and small houses as well sturdy buildings were tumbled down by strong winds and swept away by unexpected water surge from the sea. The morning after, lost loved ones and livelihood were the grave realities the people have to face. It was one terrible natural calamities in the world's history.

One of the international NGO (non-government organization) that responded to help was Tzu Chi Foundation. The group gave food, medicines, and build school buildings. Zamboanga’s civic leader Dr. Anton Lim was one of the Tzu Chi volunteers who went there had witnessed the poor flight of the local poor fishermen. All of their bancas or boats were destroyed and gone, he lamented. If the water surge was able to lift up a huge ship ashore, you could imagine what happened to the fisher folk’s bancas. I guess the bancas were splintered to pieces!

How could they continue living on and sustain their families after all the donations have stopped, Dr. Lim pondered. He even posted in his Facebook account, one resourceful fisherman who used an inverted refrigerator as a banca to fish out in the sea. It was innovative but a dangerous way to feed a family.

Dr. Lim, co-founder of the Yellow Boat Hope Foundation (YBHF) that helped build better lives for fishermen in Layag-Layag Village in Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City, thought of donating boats to affected fisher folks of Tacloban. He believed that YBHF can also replicate the successful yellow boat program there. And it happened.

Thank you, YBFH donors and supporters, for putting back the sails of hope in the lives of the fisher folks of Tacloban. Four months after the Yolanda tragedy, YBFH yellow colored boats are now sailing in the seas of Tacloban. Local and international cash donations poured in and helped build 60 yellow colored boats for Tacloban fisherfolks. It has proven once more the faith of YBFH in the resiliency of the Filipinos to overcome trials if only people who are more blessed in life care.

Philippians 2:4. “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”