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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 00:00

They say it is cheaper to travel and be a tourist in Hong Kong than to go to the famous white pristine beach of El Nido Island in Palawan. The plane fare and full board accommodations can cost more than P50,000 (as high as P100,00 per person) for a few days stay. And I ,learned that this was intentionally done to limit number of tourists who can "spoil" the natural environment of El Nido.

But fret no more; there is a smaller version of “El Nido” in the northern part of Panay – the Gigantes Island, Carles, Iloilo, where budget but nature adventureres can afford. Pristine long white beach, a long white sand bar, crystal clear cool blue seawater, an inner lagoon named Tanke, rock formations, virgin forests, a tall light house, romantic sunrise and sunset views, fresh seafood, and friendly local people – are just starters why one should consider and plan in going to Gigantes Island.

Gigantes Island was mentioned in the Rappler website, "Unspoiled white beaches in Visayas," ( . To quote, “On my right were azure waters, and on my left was an endless sea transitioning from sea foam to green, to turquoise, and to deep blue,” Kat Torres says, spellbound.” This article inspired me to write more about Gigantes Island where some of my relatives are staying (father's side).

If Pep Talk readers happen to be in Iloilo City this summer, you might consider Gigantes as a summer destination. One must leave early morning from Iloilo City to Estancia (the hometown of my father) where pump boat awaits to bring passengers to Gigantes Island. Give yourself a one week treat to enjoy the whole nature island adventure.Muse with the pictures in this spread and prepare for an enjoyable 2014 summer break.

What’s the budget?  For an overnight stay with full meals, cost is as low as P1,250 per person. For a full package of three days and two nights it will cost only P2,250 (see details Facebook Account  - Gigantes Experience). But for a more personal booking and arrangement call/text 09079551099 or 09107101595 and inquire from Rosewood Place Gigantes Island (same Facebook account name).

By Dante Corteza
"Flowers are appearing on the earth. The season for singing has come.The cooing of doves is heard in our land." Song of Solomon 2:12 (NIRV)