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Friday, 02 May 2014 09:43

Here are the snips (slice of good news) and snippets (“boos”) of the celebration of DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment)-9 Labor Day Celebration held in Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City yesterday. The preliminary program started at 9am and finished past 10am before the job fair opened officially.

Mayor Beng Salazar was the Keynote Speaker who shared the sad flight of our city and the travails of her personal life; made the audience relaxed with a Zumba dance, and revealed her strong faith that Zamboanga City will rise again. She spoke in straight Chabacano but the other two speakers before her spoke more in Bisaya, less of Chabacano, and in English. I am not against Bisaya dialect. I just wondered and someone told me the audience was composed mostly of Bisaya. Ha? Deberasan!

There were more than 4,000 jobs offered and 30,000 plus work abroad from 44 companies.  Number of applicants? To my estimate there were only less than a thousand who went.  I left pass One o’clock and there were only a few applicants that time and some companies I noticed left even before lunch time. Was there lack of announcement of the event or this simply says that there is high employment rate in our city?

The job fair seems not well-organized. The applicants were “everywhere” and they were on their own to look for a company they “fancied.” Unlike in previous job affairs, I learned the applicants were assessed first and guided in what companies they can more or less be qualified. It saved time then both for the applicants and for the interviewers.
The motorcade? Sayang lang el gasolina.

Despite the “ho-hum” support of the Zamboanga City local government to the development of the IT industry in our city, the Zamboanga ICT (Information Communication Technology) Council is still persistent and determined in making our city as the country’s next IT hub someday  – enticing investors to come and create high paying jobs. To continue its fate, ZICT has to source out funding from friends and a few business men who believed them.  It is grateful too to the continuous support of connections and knowledge it gets from DOST (Department of Science and Technology)-9.

Since ZICT started more than a year ago, ZICT as a private group has been inviting CEOs, founders, and topnotch programmers/developers of Manila-based IT companies in our city. They conducted seminars for free or with a minimum registration fees enough to cover venue rentals and food for the participants. They even paid their own fares and hotels in coming over because they saw the big IT potentials of our city.   They believed, they are still hopeful, and they are confident that Zamboanga City has the manpower resources and capabilities to power up our economy with IT.

Sad to hear over the grapevine, however, City Mayor Beng Salazar is not very keen in showing support to the endeavors of ZICT this year.  She apparently said it is the sole effort of the private sector, hence, no financial support from her office. Not a priority.

Today’s ZICT technology seminar and tomorrow’s ZICT entrepreneurial event in Garden Orchid was originally planned to be held at Centro Latino with the hope the city government can give it for free.   But the special request was not granted. It turned out really better because the rental rate of Centro Latino is more expensive and could have up the seminar’s registration fee of P350 (which is good for 2 days). Plus, of course, there is no generator standby in Centro Latino. It seems to stand as the “poor little sister” of the ill-fated Pasonanca Convention Center - not well-planned government investment.

If you want to learn how technology can help our city in employment and entice investors, attend today’s ZICT event. There are 5 speakers from Manila who will tell us what and how IT can boost up our city’s economy. Tomorrow, if you want to create or expand your business, learn from 3 young millionaires inspirational speakers and how IdeaSpace Foundation can fund your business ideas!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”