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Wednesday, 07 May 2014 13:00

With the rising summer heat, 6 to 8 hours black-out daily, water rationing, and level-3 security alert this week, Zamboanga City is really a thrilling city for real life’s adventures.  For many of us, there is no choice but to bear it. These are the thrilla of living in Asia’s Latin City nowadays (by the way, is this still the tag line of our city? Or is it Build Back a Better Zamboanga already?)

Unlike rich families, most locals can’t afford to go out of town for a vacation. It used to be Golf Beach as the favorite summer beach for the common tao. But have you been in there lately? It is dilapidated and poorly maintained.  Don’t dare to go to far-away ZamboEcozone too without appointment first because their frigid security guards will frisk you off as if you’re a “criminal” about to invade their exclusive enclave. If ever you can get through, the trip is not worth really the effort. Don’t tell I didn’t warn you. Where, o, where can we enjoy a summer fun in Zamboanga City?

Sta. Cruz Island? Will you go there when there is a red alert? There is no 100 safe-security warranty even from our local government when you go there. I found out also that our local travel agencies have many out-bound destination offers (places to visit in other cities) but none will dare to offer in-bound tours (Zamboanga package tour for security reasons).

No generator - no light. Plus No water! “Stone Age!” We have to accept the “explanations” (take it or leave it) from the management of both utilities that it is beyond their control (as if this has not happened before). I just hope their (in)competent board members will not accept their monthly honorarium, for the meantime this is happening, to show sympathy to the suffering consumers. It will make you puke if I will tell you how much they receive and the benefits they get. I wonder too if they don’t have honorarium and benefits will they accept the positions in the name of public service.

This is really what really pisses me off – the poor customer service of Zamcelco and ZCWD. Have you noticed the tellers or the cashiers of both utilities are not smiling, not friendly, and not saying even thank you every time you pay your bills. “You pay because you owe us” seems to be their attitudes toward their customers.  Enough is enough. We deserve to be treated nicely with their never ending increasing rates.

Police visibility? To the credit of our new Zamboanga Police Chief Sr. Supt. Angelito Cassimiro, the daily crimes went down already. Except for this peculiar observations (do they know this?), you can notice a lot of motorcycles standing by the road side few meters before a police check point. Some just turn back to where they came from. In the evening? You can see more motorcycles turning around fast because they can see the blinking lights brightly of the patrol car from far apart. Those who are not aware of the law or “not wise” and will be stopped because of a certain violation, usually, try to bribe their way out or else their motorcycles will be impounded. Or if they don’t have the cold cash, call a friend is another option for the violators which can make the apprehending policeman sad.

Now this is the “best concealment benefit” for criminals. They can hide their guns, grenades, armalites, or other weapons in their hoods or trunks of their cars or suvs. The bright guys of the Commission Human Rights gives them the protection of law– no police authority can force them to open their trunks or step down from their car or SUV if they don’t want to.  Zoom Zoom Zamboanga and away they go scot free to commit a crime (sighed).

Good thing that the Zamboanga City Tourism Office has a summer event this month. What I have noticed is not all our City Councilors are supporting it even with their presence. In the first place are they aware of it? Compare to other key cities, their tourism events are highly promoted with different exciting must-see events. We missed last year’s October Fiesta and we could have made it up by having a grand summer fiesta this time.  In Iloilo City, the first prize of the Dinagyang Dance Contest is P300,000 alone. Result? 2M visitors went to see the Dinagyang’s performances last January. Our City Government must allocate a big budget to bring in the tourists with a brighter image of our city.  It starts with a make-over with the office of the tourism office. Our city tourism staffs are really doing their best to do what they can do with what budget is allocated to them. 

By Dante Corteza

Summer 2014 high thrillers in Zamboanga City

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