Zamboanga City’s “Juego de Antes” and the games city councilors play PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 09:30

Congratulations to Zamboanga City Tourism Office for the successful ran again of its yearly summer event “Juego de Antes” this summer of 2014. It became part of the city’s summer festival “2014 Festival de Verano” together with other activities. Held at Paseo del Mar for three consecutive weekends, it brought happiness to the adult participants and amazement in the eyes of the youth of today. Let it continue every weekend. 

Often when there is no major activities at Paseo de Mar, you can see different group of teen-agers hanging and scattered around the ground. Someone whispered to me some are just group of friends, barkadas, and mostly are fraternity meetings. Instead of just milling around, these kids perhaps can learn and learn play old favorite Filipino childhood games.

It will be great if our city’s “Juego de Antes” will be a permanent fixture event at Paseo del Mar every weekend (get funding from the high fee and poorly maintained Paseo comfort rooms). I don’t know what will be the mechanics or rules if this happens. What I surmised, it will be the first in the Philippines where Filipino games will be played regularly and openly. It will surely be an added tourism come-on where even foreigners can join and play. Zamboanga City will be the first to showcase and carry-on the legacy of Filipino childhood games.

By the way, I am out of town, missed the actual “juego”. I got only the pictures of the spread today from the Facebook of Ciudad Zamboanga and news from the website of DZT.

I wonder if there where government officials present during this event.  I have observed that mostly of our local city councilors attend only big VIP events where top national government officials and foreign dignitaries are present, fiesta, cutting of ribbons, and if election is near. I have also noticed city councilors on their last term and those planning not to run again are often quiet in the city sessions and are “invisible in doing projects.” I wonder where each of our city councilor is allocating and spending each of their annual 2Million allocation. Where do they “play” people’s money?

“When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily; but with honest, sensible leaders there is stability.” Proverbs 28:2