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Monday, 16 June 2014 09:39

Am not into make-up definitely but meeting a good friend again, former PAL (Philippine Airlines) international flight attendant and ADZU Mascom teacher Jing Perez-Pabellon I learned something new from her – HD (high definition) make-up artistry.  She is now into this forte and doing very good based from the comments of her very satisfied clients.

For years Jing has been also a fellow journalist, a lecturer and publicist.  I asked her why shift of career. Could it be what she learned from PAL?

“For as long as I could remember I’ve played with pencils, crayons, watercolor, anything I could get my hands on to draw and paint designs and scenery, both real and imagined,” she started to explain. “Of all the things I drew I was most fascinated by the human face and body, and spent hours perfecting my technique, trying to render a more lifelike and accurate image. Friends paid me to sketch their portraits — eyes, lips and hair in their myriad textures and expressions,” she added.

“I would have gone on to art school. I was accepted into the Fine Arts program of the University of the Philippines. Instead, I took up Journalism at Ateneo, a compromise between my artistic side and satisfying the practical considerations of jobs and income earning after graduation. But in the Philippines being an artist is not a feasible way of earning a living. You either have to be born very rich, be an incredibly courageous dreamer, or have a lucrative day job that would allow you to pursue your art as a hobby,” Jing said. This explains why she is into media.

To Yourself Be True. “I’m not really a newbie when it comes to makeup. I’ve been doing it, albeit as a hobby, for many years for family and friends, and for schoolmates in theater and production work. Makeup was one of those “artistic” activities that enabled me to express myself within the limited confines of media and academic work. Long before the internet and makeup tutorials on YouTube, I read books and pored over fashion magazines, analyzing how makeup artists did their work. My fascination with faces had evolved, from drawing their likeness, to enhancing their beauty. Long bus rides and waiting lines at the mall were never boring, because I’d watch people and imagine how I would do them and what they would look like afterwards. My canvas was now the human face, “ Jing proudly proclaimed.

Her experienced with PAL introduced her to the glamorous world of flying, and gave her the first professional training in beauty and makeup.  “Friends told me, you’re good at this. Why don’t you do it professionally?, “ she revealed.  When PAL had to retrench for economic reason, it was God’s destiny for her to embark her childhood dream.  She went first into teaching.

(Tomorrow, Jing Pabellon road to being a professional make-up artist. View her make-up art works in her Facebook account Jing Hi-Definition Makeup Artistry. Learn beauty and make-up tips from her.)

By Dante Corteza

Every woman should have a mantra like this for herself. From the Song of Solomon 4:7 “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”