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Monday, 23 June 2014 00:00

After I featured Jing Pabellon last week as Zamboanga’s premiere HD (High Definition) make-artist, Pep Talk readers (including me) got more curios and asked what HD is. How does it differ from the ordinary make-up being applied by women (ok even by men nowadays) by themselves or in beauty salons.

I am glad Jing agreed for this Pep Talk interview as it gave clear information about HD make-up. Personally, Pep Talk learned from Jing the “secret” of the stars why they look good in TV and movies, models are prettier or more handsome in photo shoots and in magazine pictorials. Famous men’s magazine, FHM have their women models made up with HD (it hides imperfections). It is the preferred make-up by top society matrons and personalities when they attend special occasions. Even politicians (like Pres. PNoy) have HD make-up when they pose for their campaign poster. People look better with HD make-up on.

Makeup is more than just applying colors to decorate a person's face – it is a deliberate method that is meant to achieve specific results, Jing initially explained. The purpose for wearing makeup is to hide blemishes and highlight your best features. A pro-HD make-up artist knows precisely what techniques to use to bring out a client’s best features, so that he or she is not only visually but also photographically beautiful, she added.

Usually people or even their makeup artists pile on heavy makeup to hide flaws. The typical thinking is that the thicker the foundation, the more it creates a smoother, more even appearance. Thick makeup is also believed to last longer. Thus, the exaggerated nose lines and lip liners, and the quick applications with heavy cake foundation and powder. However, Jing said with pride that a professional HD make-up artist applies techniques that they have learned from accredited cosmetic institutions. It is not easy to learn HD make-up she confirmed.   

Pep Talk : Thanks for taking time for this interview, Jing. Let’s start with the first question. What is HD make-up?

Jing:  The modern HD or high definition technology today enables us to view clearer, more lifelike images in movies, in the big screen, and now on our TV screens and still pictures. And this is where HD make-up plays an important role. HD cameras and high resolution TV screens are so sharp, it exposes every little detail – every little blemishes and pores.

Pep Talk : How does HD make-up helps in this case? Is this a different type of makeup?

Jing: Strictly speaking, high definition makeup is neither a brand, nor a new type makeup. It is actually a technique that a makeup professional has to learn and master in order to do makeup fit for HD photo shoot or video. In other words, the wearer has to appear naturally beautiful whether he or she is seen in person or through the lens of a camera.

Pep Talk:  But makeup is makeup. How is this technique any different from what others are already doing? For instance, what salons already offer?

Jing : First of all we must understand that doing makeup for videos and photographs is a little different from everyday makeup, especially with today’s HD technology. Some things may look great in person, but they don't always translate well in pictures. There are specific makeup techniques for different types of photography; there are corrective methods in applying makeup to minimize imperfections in different lighting conditions. In this sense,  HD make-up makes a difference.No need to photoshop a picture of a person with a HD make-up.

Pep Talk : Is there a special make-up for HD make-up artists?

Jing : There are commercial makeup brands, and there are professional brands. What you see being sold in malls or boutiques are commercial, consumer-grade makeup. It’s not the same type of makeup I use for my clients. I use professional makeup. It is not sold commercially because it was originally developed for pro makeup artists working in the film, television and stage industries. Professional makeup is made to withstand heat, humidity, cold and other extreme conditions that may occur on location shooting or under harsh klieg lights. It also lasts longer and requires fewer touch ups than consumer-grade foundations.

Pep Talk: What advice would you give Pep Talk readers, regarding high definition makeup brands?

Jing: My advice to readers is to know exactly what they are buying. Just because you use a product that is labeled HD, does not necessarily mean that you are HD‐camera ready. Some products might be promising more than they can actually deliver. Most of what is sold over the counter as “HD makeup” is not professional makeup. They might be of better quality than other brands, but consumers shouldn’t expect miracles or results equal to what the pros are able to achieve.

Pep Talk:  Why HD make-up in special occasions?

Jing: Special occasions like weddings and debuts are a different matter. Investing in professional makeup services on your special day is as important as finding the right gown and wedding planner. Memories last forever. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that will forever be preserved in videos and pictures.

Pep Talk conversations with Jing ended up elated because Pep Talk readers now have an option with their make-up choice. Instead of being based in Metro Manila where HD make-up demand is growing, former Philippine Airlines international flight stewardess Jing prefers to make Zamboanga City folks more beautiful. View her Jing-High Definition Make-Up artistry Facebook account to contact her. You might discover her professional rate is more affordable too.

By Dante Corteza

Song of Solomon 4:7 “You are all fair, my love; there is no spot in you.”