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Thursday, 21 October 2010 14:11

There's a new and exciting new band in Manila that is creating big waves in the music industry -- the MALDITA BAND. Discriminating music afficionados say that this new band from Zamboanga City (yup, from Asia's Latin City!) has the potential to churn out one hit song after another. It is the gold mine discovery of 2010 they say.

From it’s humble beginnings here, the band has  since moved on to accomplish bigger things in Manila where they are currently based and are working on the completion of their first album.

Touted to be the next big band to hit the music scene by those who have heard their brand of music, MALDITA BAND is set to conquer Metro Manila as well as invade other parts of the Philippines in the same way that they have won the nod and admiration of their fellow Zamboangueños.

Though the band’s major influences in music are the ERASERHEADS, PARAMORE, SUGARFREE, MOONSTAR 88 ,RICO BLANCO and the ITCHY WORMS, the band’s sound is distinctly their own. The cool and soothing voice of the female lead vox (Demz Espinosa) is undeniably captivating, the technical skills of the guitarists (Whey Guevara playing rhythm, RB Bandiola playing lead and Jimi Ong playing base guitar) are impressive and leaves one wondering whether they really belong to a start-up band and the fiery performance of the band’s drummer (Madz Nubhan) is infectious.

Moreover, the band has a winning song-writing duo in its band leader (Whey Guevara and its band manager Geraldine Lim)  With such a remarkable talent pool, it makes one wonder why this veritable gold mine was not discovered earlier.

The band’s songs have that “liked it the first time I heard it appeal”. Add that to their wicked sense of humor and socially relevant lyrics and the potential for hit songs is almost a certainty!

MALDITA Band promises to make their hometown proud. From all indications, it seems they are not only going to deliver on that promise  but also, go several steps further by making the entire country lovers of their kind of music.

By December, they will launch their album with a big presscon and will go around Metro Manila for their different mall tours. Councilor and music lover Gerky Valesco is helping the group reach their dreams. And I am sure all Zamboangueños will do the same.

More about MALDITA Band next time.



By Dante Corteza

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 October 2010 14:26