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Tuesday, 19 April 2011 00:00

The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) is our country's premiere automotive show, welcoming more than 60,000 local and foreign visitors annually.  And this year, the 7th MIAS event from April 7 to 10, 2011, was successfully held at the World Trade Center in Pasay, is no exemption; it even exceeded its expectations sealing impressive sales deals. It is so far the biggest motoring event as it attracted the biggest visitors and car dealers since 2005.

Despite the exhibit area was cavernous (24,000 sqm.), the trade entrance gates doors have to be close temporarily now and then to allow other people inside to roam freely and go out first before others waiting outside to come in. They say if you want to be updated about cars, don’t miss this annual event. MIAS organizers have gained a good reputation of gathering the best of the best in the country’s auto industry.

With this year's theme of "Automotive Evolution", MIAS highlighted the advanced capabilities of today's cars in terms of technology, fuel efficiency, performance and a glimpse of what lies ahead in the cars of the future. People simply flock there every year to see what the latest in the auto industry. Trade visitors were shown the latest vehicles in the market that will transverse the roads someday. And buyers are assured of the best car deals.

More than 30-plus automotive brands participated from the high-end European car brands to functional and well-known China car brands were on display. The hit among the crowd is China’s popular Chery Electric Cars code named S18EV and the STIEV as well as their other Chery models.

Designed and developed by Chery subsidiary Chery New Energy Company, the  Chery electric cars use lithium-iron phosphate batteries with a range of up to 150 km, and a 336volt electrical system with floor- or trunk-mounted batteries that enable the 54hp electric motor to power these cars to speed up to 120 kph. These electric cars were first successfully introduced during the Beijing China Auto Show considered as one of the world’s best car exhibits.

Chery Automobile Co. LTD was founded in 1997 and is based in the City of Wuhu, in China’s Anhui province. Among its list of technical and engineering partnerships are OEM specialist and design firms Bertone and Pininfarina of Italy, Lotus Engineering of the UK, and Bosch of Germany. In 2008, Ricardo Consulting Engineers developed a hybrid powertrain for Chery’s A5 model, resulting in China’s first hybrid vehicle. It was the official vehicle of the Beijing Olympics.

Present in more than 80 countries, Chery continues to introduce high quality people’s global cars that meet the requirements of the highest technical standards and strictest regulations of the automobile industry. It is made to exceed the expectations of car lovers around the world.

Chery Philippines is set to build a name for efficiency, safety, dependability and high performance in the Philippine market this year according to Chery Motors Philippines Chief Executive Officer Dr. Si Chung Chan. A US doctoral graduate, Dr. Chang, shared the company’s vision that beyond selling affordable Chery cars, the ultimate company’s goal is to build Chery Philippine made cars that will be exported to other countries. This is one way to help boost our country’s economy, he said, at the same time, it can lower its total local selling cost as there will be no more importation tax to be paid. Chery cars are the next best thing is the company’s commitment.

One day every Filipino will proudly drive Chery Pinoy made cars around the country as well as people from other countries Dr. Chang assures us.  The Zamboanga Chery Car Dealer is located at Unit 3 of the NC Building in Nuñez St Extension. It is the authorized seller of Chery cars in Western Mindanao.


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