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Friday, 08 August 2014 09:36

As you enter the latest milk tea shop in town, Fros Tea, you will never fail to notice the big wall sign inside the store, “FrosTea is not your ordinary milk place,” and I definitely agree. It’s the best.  When you get your order of FrosTea, indeed, you will instantly salivate as you see a delightful serving before your eyes. The more it will excite you when you taste it. Yummy! You might order second round and another.

FrosTea ADZU Branch (in front of Ateneo along La Purisima St.)  is the latest milk tea store to open in our city this year. What makes it different from others, it offers the best tasting  milk teas and fruit teas, a wide array of ice-blended smoothies and frappe drinks (coffee concoctions topped with imported whipped cream) that goes well with delightful chicken tenders, crunchy shanghai rolls, stomach-filling sandwiches and mouth-watering carbonara.

A heavenly treat for everyone who wants healthy, delicious drinks and food at affordable prices.

Managed by Ela Lizef Parole, a former barista at Costa Coffee/ Hey Pesto! in Dubai, UAE, she guarantees the best for FrosTea customers.  She reveals that the store uses only the finest and best tasting tea imported ingredients such as Four Season (oolong tea), Assam, Ceylon, Earl Gray (black tea), and Jasmine (green tea).  Every day the operation starts first by brewing fresh tea leaves and cooking the choicest sinkers that goes with it. This is to make sure that FrosTea's customers, Parole explains, will not be shortchanged and will get the real thing only – natural, healthy and safe to take tea, not mixed with preservatives.

I found out that the FrosTea ADZU branch is actually a franchised outlet of Frostea Food Corporation that started its first successful operation in Quezon City last 2012. FrosTea is a well-known, favorite and reputable brand of affordable milk tea in Manila.  It is popular because of its safe, delicious and quality products with systematic and efficient procedures beating other milk tea shops in terms of operations. The Zamboanga branch, in fact, is the first among the expansion nationwide plan of the company outside of Metro Manila. It shows the top management confidence of the growing milk tea lovers in this part of our country.

The FrosTea management is proud to say that they studied and learned the proper way of brewing and serving milk tea in Taiwan where it is a popular drink concoction. This makes FrosTea the real milk tea that people likes to order, the Management added.

What I really love about it? Frostea ADZU has 90 different variants we can choose from. For now, FrosTea AdZU has the most drink variants among all the other milk tea shops in Zamboanga  City and the only one that offers smoothies, frappes and signature meals at the same time.

Hmmm, what will be my next order? I have to try it all before the next 10 variants of FrosTea yogurts will arrive.

1 Timothy 4:4-5 “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,  because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer.”

By: Dante Corteza