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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 00:00


I don’t like cooking. After I got burned with a splash of hot oil when I was kid, all I know what to do in the kitchen is simply to boil eggs and broil fishes. Add to that “culinary skills,” I can cook rice – thanks to automatic rice cooker. I do enjoy, though, going to market as I get to interact with people and can gauge the economy more or less. Comparing market prices versus supermarket prices and talking to market vendors, you will know how far our money can stretch. But that’s not Pep Talk topic today.  It is about discovering the Chef inside of us.

Enrolling in a formal school and take up a Home Economics or HRM (hotel and restaurant management) course to be a good cook or a Chef is definitely not in my life plan career (but who knows, I might change my mind).

Thanks to the first culinary school established in our city, UCSAP International Institute Of Culinary Arts Universal College (IICA), the curiosity to learn proper cooking as well as food presentation and learning baking got me interested.  I used to think that culinary school is only for the “sosyal” and those who have the money to pay its high tuition fees. Prominent culinary schools in Manila cost a thousand of bucks and as high as half-a-million or more for the full course.

If we are serious to spend and enroll in a culinary school, it is highly recommended that it must be TESDA-accredited (we need it if we aim to work abroad) and must be handled by qualified experienced and innovative instructors.  It is a plus factor too, if the class schedule is short and comprehensive with actual hands on and techniques-based that is easy to learn. It will surely charm busy people who want to learn how to be a good cook or a baker in a short time.

And ICSAP got it all. It is a TESDA-accredited institution with complete facilities in full air-conditioned kitchen and classrooms. The assigned Chef or Baker instructors are respected and experts in their own field first of all. The ingredients needed are also incorporated in its very affordable tuition fee. The students are taught one-by-one until they develop the culinary skills with confidence.

Walk in, inquire, pay, and presto! we are on our way to discover the Chef or Baker in us is the school's thrust.

My wife would definitely love me more if I can cook her favorite Filipino dishes,

go even further with authentic Chinese, mouth savoring French, or yummy Italian popular foods.  Or even bake a personalized cake for her. That would be a feast day. And I believe I can be after I graduate from IICA.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

By: Dante Corteza

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