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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 00:00

If you happen to notice the beautiful ladies and handsome men of By Gems Party Kingdom (BGPK), Zamboanga City’s premiere party and events provider, the credit goes to professional make-up artist Jing Pabellon. Hired by BGPK Management to improve the image and grooming of their male and female staff, Jing did a make-up and personality development customized programs for the ranks and file of BGPK last month. The change and the impact indeed upped BGPK people’s self-confidence in facing their clients and suppliers after they were taught how to.

What endears the personality development of Jing, she makes it easy for the participants to understand why they need to do it, not only because the company requires it, they are empowered to believe in themselves. No one is ugly for Jing. All they need is to appreciate themselves first, and trust that they can do something about it.

Business makeup should be expressive, but reserved is Jing's credo. The cosmetics should accentuate merits and hide defects, she adds. She also does not recommend expensive make-up kits for the ladies. She asks them to bring the present make-up they use and she will assess it. She gives only tips and teach the basic make-up of do’s and don’ts. The ladies will have actual make-up, applying the make-up themselves. Jing said in reality, she will not be present all the time and they need to learn. They need to know how to apply make-up at a lesser cost in the fastest time.

Part of Jing's sessions is to learn how to take care of one’s skin and hair. She emphasizes this to the male participants. She advocates healthy living with eating the right food and doing physical exercises. Healthy employees will look more beautiful if they have the right attitudes and a faithful prayer life. People who are in tune with God are more beautiful inside and out, Jing declares.

Depending on the kind of business, makeup and cloth should harmonize with each other and correspond to the image it wants to project, Jing said. That’s why before conducting her sessions, Jing interviews the management first what it wants to achieve and the people who will be involved in it. She does a customized program to fit the need of her client.

One way to help our city achieve a world-class beautiful city is to look good, Jing proposes. Upon arrival and leaving from our local airport, pier, or even in our bus terminal, tourists will be impressed if the people manning the entrance and departure of these areas look good. The more, she adds, if the staff of different establishments especially in the front line or offices knows how to dress up properly, put on the right make-up, have self-confidence and smile constantly. Jing shared that a business make-up should have an element of reticence, everything is half-toned.  Psychologists state that too much make-up and inappropriate office uniforms can be a distraction.

Jing and I believe that our city can revive its' image as a city of beautiful women (handsome men) if we really want to and are serious enough to do it.

(Jessica Cyrille “Jing” Pabellon is a former international flight attendant of PAL (Philippine Airline) and a college professor of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Her love to make people beautiful is her childhood dream. She has an over 20-year experiences in training, events management, public relations, and customer service.

Very articulate, she is very comfortable in working with people of different backgrounds and temperaments; discreet and accustomed to handling sensitive and confidential information having a Master Degree in Guidance and Counseling. She got her training in HD (high definition) pro-airbrush make-up, beauty and fashion make-up, and bridal and fashion hairstyling from the HD Makeup Studio and Academy, a famous and prominent training school. She is affiliated with the United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP).

Presently, Jing intentionally caters clients by appointments only so she can give her best. She can be contacted thru her Facebook account JING Hi-Definition Makeup Artistry.)

Psalm 139:13 – 14

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.” (NLT)



By: Dante Corteza