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Friday, 15 August 2014 00:00

A lot of people would like to put up a business but they do not know what business is good, how to start with it and of course, how to sustain the business. And I am glad that I got wind of Monsi Serrano of Metaopsis Consultancy. It is a Manila-based firm that goes nationwide and assists business-minded people both who do not have any business background and also those who lack knowledge and skills in starting and operating a business.

Active in the business community, Monsi Serrano´s reputation grew not only among Filipino entrepreneurs but foreign investors, as well. His honesty in doing business boosted investor-confidence in Filipino enterprises.

An ex-seminarian, he left the seminary with a decision to dedicate his life to helping Filipino entrepreneurs and began his new vocation through teaching. He became a lecturer for several years at De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde’s School for Professional and Continuing Education known as SPACE, teaching various subjects in Diploma in Retail Management Program, intended for entrepreneurs.

Soon after, he was featured in several newspapers and magazines and became a sought-after speaker. He made guesting in TV programs of GMA-7, ABS-CBN and NBN-4 and radio stations DWBR, DZBB, DZMM and DZAR. Being one of the resource speakers of the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) *­ "The Voice and Pulse of the Philippine Retail Industry" and the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Monsi Serrano earned the monicker "The Business Guru" of the Philippines.

Currently, he is an appointed International Business Development Consultant for Asia Pacific Region by the Hamilton Business District Community, a non-government organization based in New Jersey, USA.

He is also a member of the media, being one of the Business and News Anchors of The Philippine Business and News Forum. He is also a special reporter and correspondent of Filipino Reporter one of the oldest Filipino newspapers based in New York, USA.

His business insights and outlook are featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine December 2002 issue on the section of "Marketing Tactics". He is also one of those who reviewed the book of Atty. Bong Belaro titled "Legal Forms for Entrepreneurs," which is available in bookstores nationwide.

The good business news? Monsi Serrano agreed to come to Zamboanga City and talk about running a stable business. Watch for the announcement and details about this in Pep Talk.

Proverbs 24:3-4 “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

By: Dante Corteza