KRISLAM Peace Library II Opening Up in Quezon City PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 00:00

(Here’s good news to all peace loving people from Zamboangueño now Manila-base PR Practitioner and KRISLAM founder Armand Nocum about the opening of the Kris Library in Quezon City.)

To our family, privacy is precious as life itself! We take great lengths to preserve and protect our privacy – even going to court to sue a nosey neighbor here in Quezon City who was harassing us.

But God has a way of changing people’s perspectives. After God saved me from a heart attack through a timely detection and angioplasty of my 5 heart veins that were found to be 99 percent blocked last year, I have started to see life in a different light – privacy included.

On Friday, we are kissing privacy goodbye as we open up our doors to poor children coming from informal settler communities near our place by converting the our front yard and parking space in  into the Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library – Quezon City Chapter.

This is my family’s way of thanking the people of Manila and abroad who have supported us through donations of cash, books, computers, printers and school supplies. This is also our way of thanking our poor but friendlier neighbours who have been good to us and left us in peace through our 15 years of happy life here in Barangay Holy Spirit, one of Quezon City and the country’s biggest! This is also our way of thanking God for giving us a good break in Manila where we started life only with a Champion Cigarette box containing a typewriter, an electric fan and Reader’s Digest books.

Like our library in Manicahan, Zamboanga City, Kris Library-Quezon City will be a hub for equally poor kids from informal settler communities to read, research, attend reading lessons, undertake free basic-computer-literacy sessions; and have free use of donated computers.

But more than that, it will be a center of activity where our volunteers can converge to organization books and fund drives and map out ways to expand our reach to other places in Mindanao and the Visayas.

Thus, we invite you all to join us for the soft-opening of the library and most of all; we again ask your assistance in cash or in kind for the success of our “craziest” move to help spread the gift of reading and education. No one will be deprived of books if only each of us will learn to share their old books.

You may also help us by becoming our volunteers, posting this post in your FB profile walls; and emailing our appeal to friends.

See you all here at Kris Library II at No. 9, Don Antonio Heights, Diliman, Quezon City at 9 AM, May 6 (this Friday). Please call us at Tel. Nos. 3522313, 3393732, and 09178127932, 09306778309 or email us at, for confirmation and direction. You may also drop off your donations at Dean & Kings Legal Public Relations, Suite 300 Kimvi Building, Maria Orosa Street, Ermita Manila (in front of the Court of Appeals Compound).

Good day to you all!