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Monday, 25 August 2014 00:00

When Emiliano Gilas "Migi" Malinao was born a year ago, he weighed only 998 lbs. He came too early at his 28th gestational week age 96 months), a premature baby, so tiny, fragile, and probably the size of a 12 oz. bottle of soft drink, his mother, Katrina Malinao revealed. I saw her and Migi’s elder brother Shawn having lunch then at Max Restaurant near Ciudad Medical Zamboanga where she told me Migi was currently confined. And we earnestly prayed that Migi will be fine and grow as a normal boy.

That was months ago. Last August 13, Migi, now a healthy cute little 1-year old boy, was baptized at Tetuan Church by Fr. Mars Villagracia. A grand baptismal party with an angel theme followed shortly at the Astoria Plaza in Grand Astoria Hotel.

Families, relatives, and friends who came and knew Migi’s condition were so happy and glad to kiss, hug, and carry him. He is indeed a blessing – an angel from heaven, a normal cuddly normal baby boy now. Dad Osbert and Mom Kat together with Kuya Shawn were the happiest parents and brother Shawn that day.

I missed it as I was out of town. But I am honored to be named as one of Migi’s god parents. The other Ninongs of Migi are Paul Bernardo, John Paul Alvarez, and Eric George Basilio. His Ninangs are Margelyn Magaling-Go, Ellimelyn Dela Cruz-Tan, Joyce Therese Angeles, Ma. Angela Garcia-Resuena, and Carla Basilio.

Migi, I found out later, was in the hospital’s Neonatal ICU for 3 grueling months. It became worse when the 2013 Zamboanga siege happened. It was a double whammy for his parents. He needed milk and medicines. Breastmilk bank was closed; Red Cross was in the war zone area, limited medicines due to many pharmacies closed and so on. Prayers kept his family strong.

Migi had to stay in the incubator trying to grow while fighting to get healthy against so many infections. He had undergone 4 to 5 blood transfusions, 1 plasma transfusion, and treated with many infections or recurring infections. He was also diagnosed with a stage 1 Retinopathy and a BronchoPulmonary Dysplasia. So every time, his parents wake up and find Migi alive, it was a relieved to know their second son is a fighter and survivor. They said prayers did it.

Here’s Kat’s message to all the mothers who are going through tough times these days, who has preemies or sick kids. “Just hang on, be strong, pray and believe that God will heal our children. God will restore their health. I know being a preemie mom is never easy. Not all preemies come out alive or healthy.  Let’s take one day at a time and rejoice every milestone they’ll have. These trials will later soon be our inspiration. God is good all the time.”

Migi’s parents thanked all his doctors, nurses, caregivers, blood and milk donors and to families family and friends who prayed with them. And they will always pray that Migi will be healthy, happy and God fearing person when he grows up.

1 John 5:14-15 “And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of Him.”

By: Dante Corteza