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Monday, 24 November 2014 11:57

What! No internet connection. Last Thursday evening, when I went on-line, I was directed instantaneously to a PLDT DSL Call Restriction site wherein a customer care letter stated that my DSL or internet is restricted because I have an outstanding bill of P3,129.44!  But I have not seen our October PLDT bill yet. And this is my protest.

Apparently, their definition of restriction is no connection at all. No warning. You are cut-off immediately! It used to be a PLDT representative will call you first to remind your bill payment. If you were not able to settle it, you can’t make an outside call. But your internet is not affected by it. You will receive a letter of notice from their appointed lawyer and then be surcharged later after a certain grace period of time. What happened to this process?

Their letter starts with a “Dear Valued Subscriber” – which is a very deceptive greeting. It really means “we are more valuable than you because you have no choice.” You pay first or “suffer the consequence” is the main point of their letter.

The second sentence of the letter, urges you to pay immediately, or else, you have to pay the DSL reconnection fee of P500 plus Landline Service of P300 plus an additional of P300 per simcard of your Landline Plus – PLDT additional landline. A legit “threat” of P1,100 surcharge.

Let say if they have 10,000 subscribers who didn’t pay attention to their bill, it is an easy money of P1.1 million income for them (10,000 x P1,100). Now, if they have 100,000 subscribers nationwide who forgot, they will earn P1.1 billion from it! They have a million subscribers. Compute that!

In my case, since we have 2 Landline Plus, I will be paying P1,400 if ever. But the letter is not clear when I will be fined for not paying on time. There is no grace period in the letter. Compute again how many subscribers with several Landline Plus! Wow! Now wonder PLDT is getting richer with this “crafty tactic.”

At the bottom of the letter, there are two choices. Left side: “View My Bill.” I clicked it and I was led to a site with no connection at all. Right side: “Pay My Bill Online.”  I clicked it and was led to a site (right away!) where there were list of their on-line banks. Now, why will I pay online when it is not even clear to me why I have to shell out P3 thousand plus when our monthly phone average is only P1,500! Hmmmp.

Since I didn’t want to be fined and I want my internet back, I went next day Friday morning, to complain, inquire, and pay exact due. I don’t want to end up my weekend without internet as it is important to my line of work.

Duh. The cashier could not answer my complaint; I just paid the whole amount (P3,130) when she said it includes my October and November bill. I said, never mind, I will just go their customer service counter to air my disgust after paying the amount. (I have realized why I paid the whole amount when I have not seen the details of my bill. I was given only my official receipt. Waahh).

Another Duh. To my dismay, the customer service lady in the counter was not able to answer my frustration. She said to dial 172 and air my side. When I said, generally, the generic answer we get from their call center is either “Wait,” “Will refer you to the department handling it,” or “Visit our nearest office.” They have no authority. She said get the name or fault ticket number of the call agent. Ha? Thanks but really you’re not a big help.

Aren’t customer service department exist to address your concern and not refer you to their Customer Hotline? Calling PLDT! This is another crafty earning for you. Remove your Customer Service Department and juts post in your offices, if you have any concerns or complaints; please call our Customer Hotline Numbers. In Zamboanga City, most of them are very stoic.

As to why I have to pay P 3,129.44, she wrote at the back of my receipt – for October, my bill is P1,578.36 due on Nov. 1, and for November, my bill is P1,551.08, due on December 1. She said the first day of the month is now the “new due date of payment.” This was never announced. “Now why did “Dear Valued Customer” cut/restricted my internet when my past due is only P1,578.36 ?,” I asked. She wrote down the number call #172 where I can air my complaint was my answer.

When I arrived home in the evening, there was still no internet connection. I called 172. I was instructed to press 2 if I have concerns. And when I did, only after a few seconds, it replied “Sorry you did not entered the correct reply within the allowed time.”  I press again, I got the same answer. I press again 2. This is the reply, “Sorry you have exceeded the allowed attempts, good-bye.” Duh, duh, duh. Same replies I got when I press their Customer Hotline # 171.

To think, Philippines has the slowest internet connection in Asia and we pay the highest internet connection. This is the kind of service we get from PLDT – very slow service and poor customer service. Now they are so adamant in their surcharges. Very crafty! Wa-is gayot!

I saw also the BDO Bank Manager there. He has the same complaint. He said he was not able to talk to his children abroad that Thursday night because his internet was cut-off. He has also questionable charges in his billing. Lucky for him, his bill arrived.

Now, aren’t BDO authorized PLDT payment center? He was worry that it might take time to process his PLDT payment if he paid thru his bank. He went to PLDT office to make sure that it will be connected right away. He has also another concern, he was being charged for calls they didn’t make at their home. If we are not vigilant, he commented, how many PLDT subscribers are checking the details of their payments and paying without really checking if their due is really accurate?

He paid only his October bill only. I said I paid October and November.  I got my internet next day Saturday contrary to what the “Dear Valuable Subscriber” committed that once you pay, you will be connected on the same day. It got him worried if they will connect his internet.

If have other choices, I would definitely like to transfer to Globe or even to Sky and Bayantel DSL when it comes over.

I pity people who are doing business or works on line. They will lose business or can’t finish their internet jobs on time because of poor PLDT internet connection.  Those who need to talk to their loved ones like the banker, they will have to bear the consequence of missing them more. How can BPO (Business Processing Centers) invest in our city when the giant PLDT provider is not even reliable. Yeah, PLDT is the #1 Home Broadband when it comes to poor services and making a racket in squeezing our hard earned money.

PLDT – bien klever gayot.Wa-is! This means in one word – shrewd. It got me thinking, since their sister company, Smart, is very active in promoting internet and social media. I wonder if this is a deliberate crafty tactic of their part to convince more PLDT subscribers to go Smart. Very smart and very crafty!

By Dante Corteza

Proverbs 10:9 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.”