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Monday, 08 December 2014 10:22

I am not updated with what happened to the million-peso installed CCTVs (closed-circuit television cameras) purchased by the past City Administration and what the present Administration is doing about it. They were placed alright but all we know of, it didn't worked and it seems that no one is taking accountable for it. Another wasted government money?

Sometime in September, the City Council called on the Commission on Audit Central Office to intervene and conduct an investigation on the alleged defect of the city’s CCTV surveillance cameras. City Councilor Elong Natividad, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Peace and Order,  disclosed that a total amount of twenty million five hundred thousand pesos (P20,500,000.00) were paid to the supplier (IT Smart) with unpaid balance of three million seven hundred seventy six thousand two hundred sixty pesos (P3,776,260.00) in the total amount of twenty four million two hundred seventy six thousand two hundred sixty pesos (P24,276,260.00).

Several crimes happened and passed under the useless installed cameras - it didn't capture any criminals. The biggest camera is in the Sta. Cruz Veterans Avenue intersection. I learned from a reliable source that several stall owners in Sta. Cruz Market have been held up but they are not reporting it because they were threatened not to, and they know if they do, it will be another added police blotter that will rot in files. Why doesn't our city use the market collection in buying CCTV cameras to protect not only the business owners but also the market goers? Mas importante pa gaha el decorations and social functions del ciudad para na otro.

Now, here comes the Christmas season and our barangays are very excited to decorate and join the barangay Christmas decoration sponsored by the City Government. They will be spending thousands of pesos like every time they do when they celebrate barangay fiesta.

Pep Talk is not against barangays sprucing up their place during this season of the year or when there is a barangay event. But Pep Talk is hoping that they (barangay captains) will also prioritize the security of their barangays by purchasing reliable digital CCTV cameras instead of relying on the city government to do it for them. They do have barangays funds.

And Pep Talk is glad that Barangay Sta. Maria, according to the news, will be allocating 1 Million to purchase 56-CCTV cameras. When will the other barangays follow?

CCTV works. We can see in national news how criminals are identified and caught in Metro Manila by barangay CCTVs. Why can’t our barangays do the same (purchase CCTVs) especially those in the city proper? They do have big collections because of the big establishments located in their barangay. Barangays of Recodo, Ayala, and Recodo can afford it – big fishing companies are located there.

Pep Talk also wonders why local banks don’t have CCTVs that zooms their surroundings or the street fronting their branch. If they do, criminals who passed in-front of a bank can help our police force identify the lawbreakers in one way or another. Banks are all-over our city.

In other cities of the Philippines, business establishments and schools are not given business permit unless they have installed CCTVs inside and outside of their buildings.  Why can’t our city have an ordinance for this?

Let’s accept that our city have a unique geographical location. The city is the center of commerce in this region including R & R (rest and recreation) and for criminals (sighed). The city boasts of flowing money that’s why there are so many banks and hotels here. Legitimate business including monkey business happens here. It’s about time that our city government takes seriously about CCTV cameras installation.

By Dante Corteza

Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”