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Wednesday, 07 January 2015 12:27

2014 was really a test of resolution, tolerance, and trying times for Zamboanga City. The trauma of the 2013 siege affected every sector of our society and it is still lingering on.

Because of persistent loose talks that our city is not really safe and has a security concern, most locals would unfortunately prefer to stay in low profile.  Meaning they prefer to remain incognito for they believe if they become ‘popular or exposed in public’ they dread that they may be the next subject of kidnap threats or extortion.

Some would even ask Pep Talk not to publish their events or activities in the newspaper. Worse, even if they are only guests and not the party host, they would beg not to take picture of them. Some would flee or hide from Pep Talk camera. (For the record, none so far, people who came out in the Pep Talk column have been kidnapped.)

Pep Talk have also encountered organizations, business people, and private working professionals like local bankers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc. who are paranoid of being published in any local newspapers (not only in Daily Zamboanga Times) about their activities. Local government employees (whether occupying high or low position) also have this fear. Que pasa? People who are not even “successful and rich” believe they will be the next victim. Hah!

How could Zamboanga build a better image when its core people are apprehensive?

But Pep Talk is glad that there are significant events in 2014 that it covered and are happy to tell and inspire others of their achievements. Here are some Pep Talk events in 2014.

By Dante Corteza

"Discover for yourself that the LORD is kind. Come to him for protection, and you will be glad." Psalm 34:8