Asia’s Latin City’s first Petron Bulilit Station PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 June 2011 15:31

Petron Philippines opened recently its first Bulilit Station, Petro Fuel Express, in Asia’s Latin City at Nuñez St. Bulilit Station is the latest business concept program of Petron to help people go into business nationwide with a minimum capital. From the drawing board to the how to run the business successfully, Petron commits that their investors will get their money’s worth in a short period of time.

I am happy to note that this Petron Bulilit business opportunity is discovering and tapping the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. In my travel around the country sides, I have noticed conspicuously that this has worked because one can see a Petron station everywhere you go. Their world-class products and quality services fuel the lives of millions of Filipinos to prosperity.

Being the largest oil refining and marketing company in this country, this also helps the company expand its market top share of 40%. One reason for the success of Petron business is that it opens its owned refinery in Limay, Bataan, with a rated capacity of 180,000 barrels a day. Its ISO-14001-certified refinery processes crude oil into full range of petroleum products including LPG, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, industrial fuel oil, solvents, asphalts, and the petrochemical feedstocks-mixed xylene and propylene. This guarantees high quality end products in the market.

From the refinery, it moves their products mainly by sea to their 32 depots and terminal situated all over the country. Through this nationwide network, it supplies fuel oil, diesel, and LPG to various industrial customers. The power sector is its largest customer. It also supplies jet fuel at key airports to international and domestic carriers.

Through over 1,400 service stations, it retail gasoline, diesel, and kerosene to motorists and public transport operators. At the same time, it sells LPG brand Gasul to household and other consumers through an extensive dealership network.

Operating a world-class lube oil blending plant at Pandacan Terminal, it manufactures lubes and greases too. These are also sold through service stations and sales centers. And with a blending plant in Subic Bay it can that produce fuel additives to increase the efficiency of their widely-acclaimed fuels namely Blaze, XCS Plus, Xtra Unleaded and DieselMax.

Partnering with a big reputable company with a wide products and services such as Petron, the investors are really assured of their investments. And I am glad Petron has a full confidence in the business development of our people and of our city.


Petron Trivia. To underscore the company’s commitment to human resource management excellence in pursuit of our business goals, Petron was named “2008 EMPLOYEER OF THE YEAR” by the prestigious People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). Earlier this year, the company was also named as one of the “BEST GOVERNED PUBLICLY-LISTED COMPANY IN THE PHILIPPINES” by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).


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