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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 08:52

Usually when we have a mild fever or headache, a body pain or strain, a chilling cold, or a pestering allergy, we don’t go to a doctor right away. We habitually ask first a family member, Dad or Mom, or a trusted close friend what to take. Or we simple go to a drugstore, ask what medicine to buy. And we often just choose popular brands advertised in poster, newspaper, by radio or TV ads.

The medicines that we can easily buy without a doctor’s prescription are classified as OTC or Over-The-Counter drugs. They are generally effective and safe to use. Pep Talk surmises that most of us just gulp down a medicine without really knowing what its contents are as long it makes us feel better.

Today is good health news for those who are used in buying OTC medicines and wants to know what its contents are, how it works, and other information just using conveniently our android cellphone.

Thanks to the ingenuity of three STI College of Zamboanga BS Computer Science students, we can download thru our cellphone complete information about an OTC product before buying it. They created an innovative software application named DR. MERGED. It can be downloaded from Google Play around the world soon.

DR. MERGED is an outcome of the student’s graduation thesis they submitted. It is a rejoinder app that will address conveniently the general public quest for information about OTC.

What can DR. MERGED do? It can give us accurate information about OTC medicines anytime anywhere. The exact dosage, the component and content amount, how it works, the side effects, and name of manufacturer can be downloaded directly in our android cellphone, Pep Talk learned. These are the details Dad, Mom, our trusted friend, an Ad, or even a drugstore clerk could not give us easily.

OTC manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies will be the direct sources of the OTC medical information of DR. MERGED. Medical professionals, doctors and pharmacists, were consulted and are elated about it.

DR. MERGED was also selected by Idea Space Technopreneurship as among its top 10% pick among 1,000 software entries submitted for development. A nationwide non-profit organization, Idea Space, is known for helping budding IT (Information Technology) entrepreneurs turn their cutting-edge innovations into successful businesses. It provides funding, mentorship, office space, and legal assistance to its chosen recipients. Let’s hope Idea Space will give DR. MERGED this full support.

DR. MERGED is an acronym of the software developers. The MER came from the first three letters name of Mershale Hamid, the lead programmer. G is from Grant whose full name is Joseph Grant Duarte, the team project manager. The D is from the software architect designer’s nickname “Dhatz”, Al-wijar Mawallil. Since the software is medically related, the DR. was added to refer to its medical function as a source of information of OTC products.

STI College of Zamboanga is well-known for molding their students to be world-class professionals.  The school’s curriculum and programs are geared toward in bringing out the best of their students as well their professors. STI Administrator Norwesa Madriaga is proud to explain that this has always been a part of STI Zamboanga advocacy – prepare their students to be employed or be in business especially in the coming integration of Asian countries.

Congratulations to STI College of Zamboanga for this revolutionizing DR. MERGED app software! This is an added laurel to its roster of achievements and as a proof that it is truly one of the leading IT schools in Western Mindanao. Truly, STI-Zamboanga has been producing graduates equipped for immediate employment or with solid confidence to be entrepreneurs.



By Dante Corteza


Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”



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