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Sunday, 26 June 2011 00:00

As his daughter, Arizza Nocum, takes over the management his humanitarian project, Kris Peace Library at Manicahan, Armand Nocum is going full swing again in his company’s PR (Public Relation) work in Metro Manila where he and his staff are at their best.

We know information is power! But information without proper communication is nothing. Words and statements have done damage more than swords and guns, and this is true in all fields of endeavor -- more so the legal profession as the justice system now becomes more transparent.And this is where his PR company can help.

Nocum’s Dean & Kings Legal Public Relations Company will be holding a weekly press forum, Full Court Forum, to help clarify and explain to the public high-profile legal issues that affect litigants, law firms, courts officials and legal institutions as a whole. It offers a venue where people can issues affecting them, our communities and our country as a whole.

Seeing injustice and miscarriage of justice happen simply because people fail to fully communicate their issues both in the judicial court and court of public opinion, Dean and Kings has deemed it necessary to give those in the legal profession -- more so the underprivileged and voiceless litigants -- a venue to set the record straight in issues affecting all stakeholders including government offices, corporations and other entities who want to ventilate issues that they think will contribute to nation-building.

Like his Kris Library literacy advocacy, the Full Court News Forum is a way of using their expertise in the field of communication and their full connections with big personalities in the country to help effect positive changes beneficial to all.

As the country’s first and only legal public relations firm, Dean and Kings deem it proper and timely to hold a regular news forum dedicated mostly to legal issues in as much as many of these matters are now finding their way into the traditional media and the social networking sites.

Rather than allow legal issues to be misunderstood and enter the realm of rumors and speculation which can be damaging to litigants, their lawyers and court officials and institutions, it deem the need to gather a group of media personalities who are familiar with the nuances of the law so they can report and give clarity to litigation issues while mindful of the provision of pertinent laws such as the principle of sub judice, among others.

The establishment of the Full Court News Forum is aimed at giving voice to the voiceless and underprivileged. Apart from those with legal issues to drumbeat, it will also be a venue for advocates and non-government organizations who want to air out issues on the environment, corruption, education etc.

Dean and Kings is inviting anyone to make full use of the Full Court News Forum that will be held every Wednesdays  at the Manila Pavillon, United Nations Avenue, and to ventilate their views on issues of the day or clarify matters affecting cases pending in the courts.

Please contact Dean and Kings at (02) 3393732; cp’s 09064401219 / 09327202766 / 09306778309 for inquiries or email them at deanandkingslegalpr@gmail.com and zamboyo66@yahoo.com for more details.