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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:08

An orderly and successful ZamboEcozone October Job Fair was held last October 19, 2015 at the ZFA Conference Room of the ZamboEcozone and Freeport, the 1st and only Industrial Park in Mindanao. It was coordinated with the Department of Labor and Employment Zamboanga City Field Office (DOLE-ZCFO) and with KCC Mall Zamboanga, the upcoming biggest mall in Western Mindanao.

I was not able to witness it personally but I thanked Ecozone Corporate Relations, Special Events and Communications Albi Marquez for sharing with me information including pictures what transpired there.  As a business consultant and a head hunter, out of curiosity really, it was unusual that a big job fair is being held outside of the main city proper.

But I got a positive answer that it was primarily aimed to offer quality employment for people in the West Coast courtesy of ZamboEcozone Public Employment Service Office (ZFA-PESO). This is just one of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs of ZamboEcozone for our city – a very commendable move.

Joselito J. Nuevo, ZamboEcozone Senior Labor and Employment Officer, said that, “158 applicants were hired on the spot, that translates to a more than 50% hiring rate, which is the highest registered hiring rate for a good number of years in Zamboanga City.” Nuevo further added that, “Only about 20% of the applicants did not qualify for any of the tendered jobs, while the rest are still being evaluated and considered for possible employment at KCC Mall de Zamboanga and the Jollibee branch therein.”

Engr. Wesley Tan, Senior Employment Officer of DOLE-ZCFO was quoted, “It is noteworthy to mention that the ZFA-PESO was approved by the ZAMBOECOZONE Board of Directors and was established last August, 2015. Barely only two months since its inception, ZFA-PESO is already giving valuable employment services to the West coast populace.”

KCC Mall de Zamboanga and Jollibee, KCC Mall Branch, were the two primary job seeking companies present during whole day event. There were around 27 different vacant positions available. Vice President Joy Bilag of the People Group, KCC Mall de Zamboanga, presence gave the event importance.

Labor Representative and ZamboEcozone Director Jose J. Suan gave a short speech before the hiring started.  Hermisa Aronales, Assistant Manager, People Group, KCC Mall de Zamboanga and  Bonjing Langki and Rufida Basos of DOLE-ZCFO, as well as Alan Tutanes, ZamboEcozone Labor and Employment Officer, and Darwin Gacrama of ZFA-PESO assisted in the conduct of the very successful fair.


I met the KCC owner once at the house of Congressman Celso Lobregat years back. I had the guts to asked him why in Zamboanga City. Though he said he is an Ilonggo, he grew up in Mindanao and found his business success here. He is used to Mindanao’s way of life, he said. Nothing to worry about the peace and order situation. The main branch of KCC is at Marbel, Cotabato.



I am glad that KCC is not discriminatory in hiring people. I don’t know if it is true until now, years back, some big local establishments don’t like to hire Zamboangueños, they prefer “Bisaya.” Why I asked? Zamboangueños are choosy and are hard headed, one owner said. And he is from Zamboanga City!

As a I business consultant and head hunter (I do hiring and interview), I had clients who specifically asked me not to hire Zamboangueños and who are not “Christians” if possible. I had also clients who asked me not to hire Christians. Sad but true.


Now, why is Pep Talk curious about the job fair of KCC Mall? Pep Talk wants to find out if KCC will be paying the minimum wage and benefits due to its employees. It is an open knowledge that in our city most of our local business establishments are not paying the required minimum wage. Right, Mr. Suan?

There was even a time there was a clamor for SM to open here because people who needs better paying jobs heard SM pays minimum wage and give better benefits.

Francis Kong, a renown and well respected business consultant, said that when you pay peanuts, you get peanuts. No wonder we get lousy services from most business establishments here.

Also it is a reality, our top and good graduates prefer to work in Manila or outside our city for greater opportunities and because they are not compensated well here.

Is it true that KCC paid under the table some top local government officials so that they can open? I heard this from grape vines. And the rumor reason it took some time to open big malls here is because resistances of other local business establishments. Hmmm. They better improve their services and pay better wages or else.......



By Dante Corteza


Proverbs 16:3 “Commit thy work unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.”

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