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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 00:00

I had the opportunity to be up close and personal with the president of Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. (GKI) ,Anna Meloto-Wilk, recently. She was in town to be the inspirational speaker of the officer’s induction of the Rotary Club of Zamboanga City last July 3 at the Grand Astoria Hotel.

When I read about GKI’s inspirational business story as social enterprise in a national newspaper 2 years ago, I got interested to know more this new business concept and was elated to meet the woman behind this successful business concept. This concepts is based on the principle to help the less privileged through livelihood and at the same time save the environment

In the Philippines today, there are many social enterprises in operation but none has reached the magnitude and ever-growing scale of impact as Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. (GKI) and its brand Human Nature. Part of its vision is to provide sustainable livelihood through high value organic crops to farming communities all over the country that would lift them out of poverty.

For the first time, budding and seasoned entrepreneurs are seeing an alternative to traditional business enterprise with Human Nature. Often times one would engage in traditional business to gain maximum profit and then separately be involved in a cause-oriented project, socio-civic club or non-profit organization to help a community or the environment. Many businesses give away a percentage of their profits to good causes.

However, there is a new economic model emerging, that of a “social enterprise”. A social enterprise works like a traditional business except that it does not try to maximize profit at the expense of the environment or people. Every major decision is made by considering the good of the country, its people (especially the poor) and its environment. The social enterprise actively tries to empower, train and uplift the poor to participate in its business model as suppliers or even co-owners.

Anna Meloto-Wilk, GKI President & co-founder, says “KGKI products, Human Nature, are 100% made in the Philippines and we aim to help as many poor communities as possible grow ingredients that will deliver a much higher income than traditional farming. Selling our one millionth product means that many different communities have already benefited. This milestone proves that businesses can be highly successful while actively loving our country, loving the poor and loving the environment.”

GKI’s (British) Vice President and co-founder, Dylan Wilk adds, “Wherever I go around the world, Filipinos are among the best at direct selling! That’s why there are so many big direct selling companies here – the whole world recognizes that Filipinos are among the best at it. But the tragedy is that most Filipinos are just selling imported products that make other countries richer! Here now is a chance for Filipinos to really be proud of selling something made in the Philippines that is helping this country, that is going to make our children proud to be Filipino and is going to show the whole world that Filipinos are not a third world people but a talented, heroic, lovable people. This is not just about a business. This is a vision of a beautiful and prosperous country. This is about the Philippines restored, Filipinos becoming a world-class people, and the words “made in the Philippines” meaning something to the rest of the world” says Wilk.
Human Nature products are mostly sold through direct-selling. The decision to go into direct selling instead of retail selling was a result of Human Nature’s desire to provide extra income for ordinary people. To learn more about the products, visit

Anna Meloto-Wink with her two children who inspired her to come with an all organic products to save the environment for them.

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