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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

In having a haircut nowadays, aside from who will cut and where it will done, how much it cost is also a prime consideration.  In Metro Manila exclusive class salons and first class barbershops charge by hundreds and thousands for a complete hair cut with treatments.  I heard of friends who went in some classy salons and paying thousands of pesos still unsatisfied.

I tried once to have a hair cut by a well-known hairstylist in Greenhills who cut my hair for only a few minutes. I was proud then because a popular hairstylist did my hair but it only lasted for a day. For after that, I could not comb my hair like what he did.

For years, I am contented with my barber here whom I pay less than a hundred to have my hair cut. I “dreaded” going to classy salon until I went to Emphasis Salon in Rockwell Makati where my Ateneo High School batchmate Danny Katalbas is the senior hairstylist. I went there to interview him and be proud that one of our fellow Zamboangueños is creating a good impression in the upper social class of elite Manila.

Emphasis is one of Manila’s finest hair and beauty salons where the rich and prominent people go. Katalbas may not sound familiar to most of us here but he is a sought after and famous hairstylists I found out that day. Top government officials, showbiz personalities, famous and successful business executives go to him for their hair cut and treatment and for a new hair style. Sometimes they bring him abroad when they attend important events to fix them up (make-up for ladies).

You can google his name in the internet, Danny Katalbas. International and national newspapers and fashion magazines including bloggers are praising him. L’Oreal appointed him as their Ambassador to the Philippines. This popular brand of hair products trusts him abilities and skills. He goes around the Philippines and other countries to teach other hairstylists after L’Oreal had trained him.

Emphasis Reception Supervisor Margie Olive said an appointment is recommended when one wants to have his hair cut or done by Katalbas. An advance booking for special occasion like weddings or debut is also advised she said.  I was also able to meet Emphasis owner Teng Roma. He was proud of Katalbas and considered him as one of his prime partners in this business.

I had my hair cut by Katalbas and had the famous Teng Roma hair spa (his signature hair spa). I stayed almost two hours to have my hair done. It was relaxing and a wonderful experience. No wonder the likes of the Ayala, Zobel, socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Lea Salonga, model and blogger Bianca Valerio, and other showbiz stars prefer him. He does not need to do PR and promote his hair works in ads or be seen in TV. The Katalbas looks that makes one feel good is his greatest advertisement.

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