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Saturday, 20 August 2011 00:00

(As the Executive Director of the Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Inc., one of my tasks is to keep an update about business. In one of my recent business activities, Go Negosyo of Joey Concepcion, I met a dynamic young man, PJ Gesta, whose passion is to help alleviate poverty in our country. Here’s one of his articles that I am sharing to Zamboanga City - part 1.)

INTRODUCTION. In the Philippines, around 91% of businesses belong to Micro-level which means that if we will be able to facilitate and give them all the support that they need (especially microfinancing to expand their businesses), I believe we can help them graduate from micro to small, then to medium, then to large. In that way, we will be able to sustainably create ripples of opportunities not only for Filipinos but even for foreign nationals seeking for employment in the country, vice versa. In effect, we generate job opportunities for lots of people and hence, be of help in sustaining the individual needs of every family like education and food for every child.

INITIAL LOOK – PLANS. If every government in the world will mainstream its efforts in introducing good, effective and sustainable entrepreneurship programs and projects like regular trainings and consultations, creation of separate bureau for micro entrepreneurs (in the Philippines, we already have Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council or MSMED), provision of financial assistance, trainings on financial literacy including teaching the basic business principles like separate entity assumption, management of cash inflows as well as outflows, sound business management, product development, among other basic topics), then I am very positive that the poverty rate of every poor particularly developing countries will drop by a significant percentage - if not completely eradicated.

Moreover, lots of people out there want to get in to business but don't have the necessary mindset and attitude, if these aspiring entrepreneurs will be assisted by every government in the world, we can create new breeds of socially responsible businessmen - who will not solely be doing business for profit but who will embrace the fact that they have more importantly, social responsibilities to be fulfilled.

In addition, I also propose that every government's intervention would also entail promotion of safe, fair and environment-friendly business practices. By incorporating this to every launched enterprise, all the entrepreneurs will be more sensitive in their business operations - by responsibly utilizing the resources from the environment for a sustainable supply for the succeeding generations to enjoy. All these, with all the governments in the world at the forefront of responsible entrepreneurship programs, would definitely help address what every government must do in order to achieve sustainable development and a greener economy.

(Continuation tomorrow. What our government can do about it.)



Paul John “PJ” Gesta is an entrepreneurship advocate in the Philippines. He has worked in two foundations with thrusts on entrepreneurship, economic development and sustainability in the country immediately after his graduation. He used to work for the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (commonly called in the country as "Go Negosyo") and now affiliated with the Asenso Ka Pinoy Foundation, Inc. facilitating a business-related TV Program and Radio program which broadcast every week. His passion for the advocacy since his college years gave him a prestigious distinction as one of the 2009 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, an annual competition which aims to recognize exemplary students with outstanding academic record, good leadership background, active social involvement, and good moral character. The TOSP Award is given yearly by no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Graduated Cum Laude on top of other recognitions locally and internationally, Mr. Gesta finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management at the University of Cebu. He also won as the 2008 Ambassador of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and bested top business colleges and universities in the National Business Idea and Development Awards in 2008. In the same year, his essay also made it to the Top 200 Best Essays of the Worldbank International Essay Writing Competition from among more than 2,000 entries all over the world. He intends to specialize in entrepreneurship and running foundations. At 23 years old, this young lad passionately conducts Entrepreneurship Conference Series all over the Philippines with the vision to beat poverty and promote a better life for every Filipino.

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