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Saturday, 20 August 2011 11:18

(This is a continuation of yesterday’s article written by PJ Gesta about the key role of entrepreneurship in the progress of our country. Part 2 discusses what our government can do. )

THE CONCRETE PLAN OF ACTION. In the nutshell, governments should (1) motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs to actualize their entrepreneurial dreams i.e. to make them realize that they are part of an enterprising and entrepreneurial environment where healthy competition exists (2) facilitate the needs of the existing micro- and small entrepreneurs to (a) instill innovative and more efficient operations, (b) showcase blue ocean of business opportunities (c) prepare them for expansion – both locally and globally, and (4) provide financial support whenever possible (3) re-align the core values of businessmen behind large corporations to embrace corporate social responsibilities and to own socially-relevant program/s as their prime contribution/s to their respective societies.

THE ROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT. Governments play a sensitive position in these three proposals to achieve a more sustainable development and a greener economy. Since the governments have a say in outlining and implementing guidelines for sound, responsible and environmentally-uncompromising business operations, then the burden to prove both the effectiveness and efficiency of the results of all these three proposals lies on the degree of the governments’ actual interventions and supports. Here, it is very important to enjoin various stakeholders in the society – the local government units, business sectors, non-government organizations, youths, and even academes – to monitor and ensure greener operations of all the enterprises, may it be micro, small, medium or large.

CONCLUSIVE STATEMENT - CALL TO ACTION. Apparently, it is very important to stress that businesses have the highest contributions to global warming. It is also equally important to emphasize that businesses brought us convenience and ease in our way of life. It is but safe to say that we can not afford to lose the benefits as effected by the businesses. The latter do not exist to ruin the world but to put an end to all the discomforts and inefficiencies in the lives of the people who are its stewards. This is the inspiration of my proposal – to work very closely with the business sector. And this is where I think all the governments in all parts of the world need to focus on – beating poverty through entrepreneurship, concluding all the environmental issues through implementation of greener business policies, destroying social inequalities through provision of opportunities regardless of sex, age or race – either as employer or as dignified employee, removing the concept of government reliance and peoples’ psyche of governmental dole-outs through provision of an entrepreneurial climate, and lastly, putting an end to a perceived uni-sectoral solution i.e. the government as the panacea of all social ills through the active participation of various sectors in the societies as stakeholders.

I do hope that all the governments in the world would heed my calling - this is indeed a rather bold step but for development to be truly sustainable, we have to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that we are expected to better the lives of both the present and future generations - no matter how hard the challenges may seem.

SUSTAINABILITY – REDEFINED. Sustainability means introducing and instilling to every person that he is a stakeholder of something - that something could lead to not just personal gratification but social progress at large.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Paul John “PJ” Gesta is an entrepreneurship advocate in the Philippines. He has worked in two foundations with thrusts on entrepreneurship, economic development and sustainability in the country immediately after his graduation. He used to work for the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (commonly called in the country as "Go Negosyo") and now affiliated with the Asenso Ka Pinoy Foundation, Inc. facilitating a business-related TV Program and Radio program which broadcast every week. He is one of the  2009 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, an annual competition which aims to recognize exemplary students with outstanding academic record, good leadership background, active social involvement, and good moral character.)

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