Biocare Greenhills celebrates one year of health, beauty and relaxation PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 August 2011 14:48

Congratulations to the management and staff of Biocare Greenhills Skin Slimming and Spa Center that is celebrating its one year anniversary today. Located at Annapolis St. (in front of Choi Garden Restaurant), Greenhills, San Juan City, the third branch of this Zamboanga-owned  beauty and spa center is relatively doing well amidst the stiff competition. It has created its own loyal clients and more are visiting it to try their services.

At Biocare Greenhills, people of Metro Manila are discovering an open door hideaway where relaxation and pleasure blends with health, beauty and fitness.  It is a cozy sanctuary where one is greeted with a sincere smile, an accommodating hospitality, and a service willfully rendered to keep their clients coming back for more. The personnel  is so nice and very accommodating too. A beauty blogger said she is impressed with Biocare services.

The interior of Biocare is inspired by the “Zen Philosophy” which embodies man’s quest for harmony between freedom, form, and function – the tranquility and balance in today’s life. This alone makes them stand out in this place..

According to Biocare Marketing Manager Summer Garcia,  Biocare aims to be at the forefront of the country's Health & Beauty industry by establishing a name synonymous to excellence and quality geared towards client satisfaction.  It will be known as a skin, slimming & spa center synonymous with the advocacy of health and beauty that will be an integral part towards the goal of improving the quality of life.

Garcia credits their use of high quality natual Biologie Pierre Boutigny  products from Paris why they have loyal skin clients. These products, she said, are based on a Bio-Fundamental Complex carefully formulated with active ingredients derived from marine animal life, such as fish and crustaceans, renowned for their high concentration of proteins, glyco-proteins and amino acids.   The Bio-Fundamental Complex combines marine elastin, marine collagen, marine hydrolysed protein and crustacean haemolymph extract enriched with “integral DNA”.

This Bio-Fundamental Complex acts on four essential functions of the skin: hydration, stimulation, regeneration, and nutrition. It helps to promote the skin repairing process, contributes to the hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and balances the effects of cutaneous ageing, allowing men and women to preserve the youthful appearance and radiance of their skin.

Biocare Greenhills,  like their main branch in Nuñez St., Zamboanga City and Binondo second branch, offers an array of products and services with more customized approach in order to cater to the client's particular needs.   This constructs a common ground whereby communication becomes open for an efficient client clinic relationship.  It is accredited by the department of Tourism and hailed as one of the best 25 spas in out country today. To celebrate this anniversary, Biocare have special treats for their clients this week.