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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 00:00

The merrymaking of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2011 continues! Vamos A Zamboanga!  I congratulate the people of Zamboanga City and the citygovernment for the success of the different activities since October 1. Different activities are being held daily to the enjoyment of local and foreign tourists.

Here’s an apt description of Zamboanga from the Department of Tourism (Regional Director Mary June Bugante.

Buenas dias!* *When you hear that, you know you’re in Zamboanga City, that little piece of the heart of Spain, Asia’s Latin City. This is the only city
in the Philippines and in Asia where you will hear Chavacano, that lilting delightful patois that’s 70% Spanish with the rest a mix of other dialects.

In language, faith, and lifestyle, Zamboanga City’s Spanish heritage shows … and is a source of pride for the city that is the tourism, commercial, industrial, business, and growth hub of the Zamboanga Peninsula. It is also the largest and most populous city of the Zamboanga Peninsula.

The city that was once the center of Mindanao and the trunk from which other provinces and cities of the Peninsula sprang from has moved through time with grace and exuberance. The reminders of its lineage remain today and are some of the city’s most enduring landmarks and attractions.

Among them are the venerable 1635-vintage Fort Pilar, from which the present city grew, the spring of Christianity in Mindanao, and now a Shrine to the Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza, Spain (Zamboanga’s sister city). The American era left Zamboanga City with century-old City Hall and Plaza Pershing, as well as the Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Park as it is now called, and memories of the old Pettit Barracks whose name endures in the area where it stood.

Zamboanga City offers both the urban and rustic experience. In the city center, clusters of hotels, restaurants, restobars, coffee shops, spas, travel agencies, and other urban amenities increasing in number and services each year abound. Further out, you get a more suburbia and finally countryside experience as the city spreads out along the east and west coasts.

Some of the don’t-miss spots for the city include Paseo del Mar, a park by the sea and a nightlife favorite just beside Fort Pilar; Plaza del Pilar, a dining and shopping period arcade also fronting Fort Pilar; Pasonanca Park and the Jardin Maria Clara, where the butterfly garden and aviary are, and Museo de Zamboanga also in Pasonanca; and the Yakan Weaving Village. Also a must-experience is Sta. Cruz Island, 15 minutes from the mainland, with a signature pink beach and a prime location for picnics, snorkeling, and scuba-diving.

Think of Zamboanga. And the vinta comes to mind. The vinta in all its glory lives to this day, and never more so gloriously than in October. This is when Zamboanga celebrates the Zamboanga Hermosa festival in a weeklong spree of revelry that brings many from all over the world. Think of a city
immortalized in tale and song through the years. And you think of no other than Zamboanga City.

Happy fiesta to everyone!

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