Loving Zamboanga’s elderly PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 October 2011 00:00

One of the enduring cultural traits of Filipinos is how we take care of our old folks. We believed that it is our moral obligation or else there will be karma when we reach this age. But it seems the world is getting busy every day and always run out of time. The present Asian young generation including the modern Filipinos are focus on their careers and are getting married late. Slowly some who became successful and rich, but have no time to watch and take care of their ageing parents, send them to private home for the elderly.  This is where they are taken care of better and professionally.

But for majority of the elderly are still staying with their children and family. Thanks to District 2-City Councilor Nonong Guingona, who is the chair on elderly, Zamboanga people of my age are enjoying the respect, the privileges, and still having fun at the prime of our lives. He has been fighting for the 20% elderly discount in stores particularly from drugstores. It is really expensive to maintain daily medicines (praises for those drugstores that follow this law for the elderly).

In the occasion of the celebration of the elderly week two weeks ago, different elderly activities were held in the city. A Holy Mass precedent before the motorcade and was followed with a grand picnic at the Vista Del Mar. One of the event’s highlight was the opening program at the Zamboanga City Coliseum.   It was there that Councilor Guingona reiterated his continuos support for the elderly.

I do encourage prime people of my age – get out and socialize. It keeps you alive and young at heart!