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Monday, 28 November 2011 00:00

(Here’s an open thought article by Manila-based ZamboangueÔo Armand Nocum who is the President/CEO of Dean and Kings Dean & Kings Legal Public Relations and Marketing Communications which I agree. Like Armand, I believe that political situations affect us all. It’s a reality. Thus starting today, Pep Talk will be commenting too on social and political issues.)

In public relations (PR), every day is a battle to win the hearts and minds of the people through every means of communication. Every day there are winners and losers in the perception war.

Starting today, we at Dean & Kings will start with our score cards to say who we think is winning the perception war in the country and the world.

Today, the biggest loser is clearly the camp of former President Macapagal Arroyo who finally had to admit that she is well, just more than a week after the Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport stunt which many in the PR industry saw as simply a scheme to win public opinion by appealing to people’s soft spot for the sick and dying.

The winner is clearly Secretary Leila de Lima who managed to prove that they were right after all about their suspicions that the Pampanga solon was not that sick and was merely out to flee from justice (although some Palace officials went short of calling it a drama).

Another winner is the Saint Luke’s Hospital which was earlier in a bind about reporting the true condition of Ms. Arroyo for fear of breaking the doctor-patient confidentiality concept. Thanks to a court order summoning GMA’s doctors to tell the true state of health and the Ex-President lawyers’ admission that she is well, Saint Luke’s Hospital just saved itself from a growing public perception that it was becoming a refuge of famous people facing criminal cases.

That is out initial reading about the current state of the perception war. We believe it is our obligation to guide people about the words and images that assault their senses daily and to strip down issues to the bone.

By the way these pictures were taken when GMA just assumed office and there was optimism and hope in the air as she sat down for a dinner with the Malacanang Press Corps. At this time, we too were of the impression that she would make a good President. That was our perception then ...

Good Sunday to all.

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