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Monday, 08 November 2010 10:41

Interment does not mean the end for everything in Forest Lake Memorial Park-Zamboanga City. It continues beyond for the families, relatives, and friends whose departed loved ones are buried there. Every year the management and staff of the best memorial park in Asia’s Latin City makes sure that the commemoration of All Soul’s and All Saints Day will be treasured every year and will be a fond memory of recollecting the good times of life when the departed ones were still alive.

Compare to previous years, there were more thrillers this year at Forest Lake. Local bands performed live last October 31. It kept the youth even the young once alive and alert in the evening as they prepare and clean the tombs of their loved ones. There were more convenient food stalls everywhere. It eases the burden of bringing food and drinks. Name it they got it - from Jollibee burgers, to French fries, ice cream, pizza, etc.

But one stood tall – the Jollibee San Jose Branch.  They sponsored the Halloween at the Park in coordination with Globe. Kids who came in costumes were awarded with prizes from Toys and Token. The parents themselves were excited to see their children in colourful costumes. They were entertained by the jolly San Jose Jollibee mascot. This activity makes the kids enjoy coming to cemetery and somehow takes away their dread of visiting burial ground.

Though security was tight, the atmosphere was relaxing and serene as there was proper police coordination. The traffic flows too were well directed. It didn’t cause any traffic jam. One can easily park your vehicle if you were able to secure a parking sticker ahead of time.

It was also a time for family reunions as relatives get to see and update each other of what’s happening in their lives. After lightning the candles, offering of flowers and solemn prayers, people had a good time of chattering with one another and once in awhile spiel out laughter of joy.

And what’s pleasant about Forest Lake I observed, one does not feel discrimination in the social classes or status in life. Whether a loved one is buried in a plain lot or entombed in a grand mausoleum, it does not matter. Everyone feels equal here. I am glad to learn too that Forest Lake continues to expand their land scope. This means more affordable garden of remembrance when the time comes for those who are still alive.

Watch the full video footage of the Forest Lake events in Mindanao Cable TV Channel 18.

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