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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 00:00

Generally being confined in a hospital means one is severely sick, no one wants to stay there for long (aside it’s expensive to be hospitalized nowadays). It’s also very “distressing” for the patient’s family, friends, and relatives (including the medical staff) especially if the case is critical. This gets worse if you are confined during the Christmas Season. Everybody gets to enjoy the holidays while you’re in your hospital bed whining.

It was for this reason that the management of Ciudad Medical de Zamboanga (CMZ) spruced up the whole hospital with Christmas decorations to cheer up all their patients, visitors, and medical staff. They had a Christmas Decoration Contest that challenged the artistic talents of the hospital 21 different departments. The story of the Christmas decors must revolve around how Christmas is being celebrated around the world in line with the theme “United Nations: Celebrating Yuletide Season With Unity”. The departments were also asked to use as much as possible recyclable and indigenous materials for the decorations.

Believe me when you pay CMZ a visit this December you will smile and perhaps even tempted to take picture-picture for posterity like when we tour Zamboanga City Hall in the evening. There is this atmosphere of cheers and joy around CMZ. This hospital gives a dose of wide happiness.

The patients that will be brought to the Operating Room (OR) will be more relax before he or she will be operated. The OR entrance is brilliantly decorated that OR Department won First Place. Second Placer, ER (Emergency Room), was delightfully wrapped with Christmas decors that a patient being wheeled in will feel at ease. Third place was Ward H. Their used of used hospital materials impressed the judges composed of WMSU (Western Mindanao State University) art director Dr. Roberto Torres, fashion designer Altom Tiubot, pretty businesswoman Ann Lim, and this writer as the Chairman.

The other major winners Ward E (Sweet Christmas Award),Ward F (Pedia - Best Christmas Story), Ward G (Best Tourism Award), Ward C (Dolly Christmas Award), Hemodialysis Unit (Best Concept Award), Cardio-Pulmo Unit (Best Belen Award), and Ward A (Jolly Christmas Award).

Personally, I predict with the way the present hospital is being managed it is not farfetched CMZ can be an international hospital serving patients coming from other countries soon. I believe CMZ can.


“A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (Proverbs 17:22). Thanks, CMZ, for your Christmas cheer.