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Sunday, 08 January 2012 00:00

Usually when we describe men as hunks, we associate them as men of tough bearing and strong stamina. They are the kind of breed that gets the awe of people because they have the good physical looks and well-built bodies. That’s why men are elated when they are called hunks.

But there is a different kind of male hunks in Zamboanga City. Calling themselves Roadhunks Riders Club, they are greatly admired because of their good hearts and commendable personalities. They are exclusively composed of working professionals, above 21 years old, who love riding motorcycles.

When they grouped last year, May 1, it was out of their concerns to make motorcycle drivers more responsible and sensitive to the needs of Zamboanga City. Their daily driving around the city opened their eyes and hearts about the downsides of our city according to Tony Santiago of Malayan Insurance-Zamboanga the leader of the pack.

Santiago said beyond the camaraderie every Saturday at Neo Motor Parts in Guiwan, they also love to discuss how to help Zamboanga City. They are mindful and alert too of the crimes happening around that’s why they are coordinating and supporting the Zamboanga City Crime Watch under civic leader Sonny Jalani.

Last December, the club visited Akay Kalinga Lingab Center in Valera St. and gave Christmas cheers to the wards of this center composed mainly of street children. This is a private foundation managed by Loida Sapalo as the head center. A short fun program was held before they gave arroz caldo, Jollibee burgers, juices, slippers and personal toiletries. It stirred the club to give to this center as it takes care of lost street children who need care and love. Street children are the painful reality the club sees on the street.

Roadhunks expresses their gratitude to the following for supporting them: Tres Alaz Corporation, Malayan Insurance, Timothy Motors, Jollibee Mindpro, Creche Integrated Studies Center, Shell Gas Station of Charles Ong, Grepalife, Deecom Computers, Gemvic Auto Parts, Aqua Best of Totoh Requinto, Carol Saavedra, Zamboanga Seafoods, Engr. Jesus Castro, 3AA Aqua Marine, YMPI of Maricel Lim Musa, Dr. Edwin Cadag, Jessie Allan Salazar, and Montessori De Zamboanga.

It’s great to hear inspirational story like this from hunk men.


(Deuteronomy 15:11). “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.”