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Saturday, 14 January 2012 00:00

Though Zamboanga City is very fortunate to be blessed with rich natural resources and not a typhoon path zone, it’s unfortunate that we have not taken advantage of our blessings. Compare to Singapore, we have a wide vast of untapped vast of lands with rich resources of manpower. They say it is peace and order that keeps our city at bay. I dare write also that it falls in the hands of our leaders.

I do believe that Zamboanga City has a vast of good leaders of politicians and business people. It is just unfortunate (no offense meant) but most are very passive in their leadership skills. They wallow in their comfort zones until one day opponents in the politic arena challenges them or in the case of the private sector, competitors start to eat their market and they have hard time hiring right people (they can't even afford to pay their present staff well).

I feel these leaders are stuck and need to take their lead in the highest level. It’s not enough they are in the position as a government officials or owns huge business and have their people’s loyalty. They need to discover and enhance their leadership. And I am inviting them to attend the Developing the Leader Within You Workshop by Francis Kong at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel on January 31 to February 1, 2012.

Why You Should Attend? This workshop is for people who are not contented with their existing Leadership capabilities. They want to continue to grow, learn and take Leadership to the highest level. All sessions are highly interactive and are designed to draw out insights, personal realizations, and feedback from the participants.

Developing the Leader Within You is a chance to see what’s happening “under-the-hood” through a workshop designed to be a dashboard giving a feedback about one’s existing leadership. Through the Five Levels of LeadershipTM framework, it can equip partcipants with the tools to assess his or her current level of leadership. Unpack the meaning of “values-based” leadership and the power of leading others according to their values. Learn how to recognize, raise and remove the “leadership lid” that is holding back their leadership potential!

About Francis Kong. The best-selling author of Only the Real Matters and 9 other books, Kong is a much sought-after inspirational speaker who has been featured in more than 1,500 major conventions both here and abroad. He also holds the distinction of speaking together with John Maxwell in the country’s largest single learning event held at the Araneta Coliseum, in front of 14,000 leaders in September 2004.

You can hear him in his daily Radio ProgramBusiness Matters which was given a Year 2007 special citation by the Catholic Mass Media Awards. You can read him through his Saturday and Sunday column of the Business Page of The Philippine Star. You can see him as he regularly guests every Thursday morning at ABS-CBN’s popular morning show Umagang Kay Ganda.

Francis has been trained and licensed by Maximum Impact of Atlanta, Georgia to do Maxwell’s leadership programs.

Here are some comments. “Discussion on leadership would be very useful not only in one’s professional life but more so with one’s personal being.  I was able to imbue leadership which is indeed beneficial.  It helps a person hone his potential and leadership skills.” (Jun Obtinalla of Zuellig Pharma Corporation )

“Highly recommended for top management – putting into practice the learnings from this seminar can bring about the much needed change that can spell success for a company.”(-Geronimo Dia of Banco de Oro). And “The seminar opened my mind to new realities; changed the way I look at myself, my boss, my colleagues, and other people around me. I’m a thrifty person but I’d pay for this kind of workshop!”(Jun Obtinalla of Smart Communications, Inc.)

For more details about this seminar please log on to Or if you want it at Zamboanga City in the near future email to and let’s form enough crowds for Francis Kong to come down here.


Shared by Francis Kong. A friend gave me a beautiful text this morning: In today's info age, you cannot UPLOAD love, DOWNLOAD time, GOOGLE all the answers in LOG OUT of worldly deeds LOG ON to GOD. You will surely LIKE the life! FACEBOOK is ok, but spend more time with FAITHBOOK the BIBLE. Wise words indeed.