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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 09:41

This is a continuation of my interview with DOST (Department of Science and Technology)-IX Regional Director Dr. Brenda Nazareth-Manzano, wherein,  her office was awarded the prestigious  Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management last January 20, 2012 at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall in Malacañang Palace.

The Philippine Quality Award (PQA) is the country’s highest level of recognition given to government and private organizations for performance excellence. This is the first time since the awarding started in 1997 that a government office in Visayas and Mindanao was given this coveted recognition. The process of selecting the national awardees is stringent and takes month before the result is released. Dr. Manzano tagged it “DOST-IX journey towards Performance Excellence”.

Pep Talk: What roadblocks have DOST-IX encountered and how did you managed it?

Dr. Manzano: Engaging the entire workforce - while it wasn’t a major roadblock, it was challenging at the start to get the entire workforce to understand the objectives and framework of PQA. Buying-in their support and commitment was smooth because at DOST-IX we have cultivated a culture of quality even as early as 2005 when we had our ISO accreditation for our laboratory services. 

Balancing act of process alignment/systems integration and meeting our targets – after having gone through the various capability building exercises, we realized that there was so much to do in terms of establishing, streamlining and improving our existing processes and systems (HR-process management system, performance management system, leadership system, information and knowledge management system, among others). We even had to review the way we set direction, the process of deploying and cascading this to all levels in the organization. Adopting the use of the Balanced Scorecard System as a tool in managing our performance and internalizing it was also a challenge. It was something new to most of us. With all this on one hand, we had to meet our targets of project implementations and service delivery on the other hand. We had our hands full and we had to do some balancing act to get all things done well.

Dr. Manzano: What were the keys to DOST-IX success?

DOST-IX: Our senior leaders are visionary and role models. They provide clear directions on where the organization is going. Our workforce are highly engaged and committed. We try to live up to our ExCITe core values: Excellence, Commitment, Customer –focused, Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork. Because of our limited workforce, we have become more innovative and creative. These were some of the factors that helped us in our journey to organizational transformation.

Pep Talk: What’s in it for general public (DOST-IX calls them their customers)?

Dr. Manzano: We will ensure that our processes are the benchmark / standard for public sector. With this recent recognition, we will not stop aiming for continual improvement and still commit to our responsibilities and best practices.

We will sustain adherence to Quality Management Systems conforming to international standards. This will ensure that our S&T services are constantly delivered accurately and on-time. The invariable provision of technology interventions to improve quality of life in Region IX will always be in our priority.

Our customers – the MSMEs, LGUs, NGOs, NGAs, Industrial Group, and Academe, among others –will experience greater satisfaction with our services. We will improve further our approach in listening to and identifying their current, unstated, and future needs and address it through our products and services.

Pep Talk: What are now aspirations of DOST-IX?

Dr. Manzano: The recent Philippine Quality Award - Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management has brought the organization not just prestige and honor, but also the challenge to serve as national role model of performance excellence. Indeed, that’s a tall order for us. But we will rise up to that challenge!

When we embarked on this journey, at the outset, it was very clear to us that the award was secondary. The underlying motivation was the improvements we have made in our systems and processes to achieve organizational excellence.

And we are constantly reminded that “excellence is a not a place to get to, but a constant journey that must be traveled.” So to us at DOST-IX, the sign ahead is “No turning back”. Hence, the journey continues…….

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