Asia’s Prince of Beads Amir Sali made it again PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 15:20

For the nth time (he has been featured many times in several fashion magazines), Philippine’s and Asia’s Prince of Beads Amir Sali creations is in the front page cover of Wedding Essentials Magazine (WE) 2012 first quarter issue (January-March). WE is the Philippine’s premier wedding bible and the fastest selling bridal magazine.  It features top wedding couturiers and shares complete information about wedding preparation including list of our country’s wedding suppliers.

Bride-and-groom-to-be read WE to give them the best ideas to make their wedding the most memorable day of their lives. Consistently innovating while retaining the old-world charm of weddings, the magazine is a must-have for couple-to-be who wish to make their own celebration, a reflection of their love. It offers a lot of details and inspirations for wedding planners too.

Amir’s gown was also in the front cover of the thickest WE ever issued magazine last year (July-December 20111). It was launched with a bang last July 21, 2011 at the Blue Leaf Pavillion, Mckinley, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Hosted by Issa Litton, Wedding Essentials’ Editor-in-chief, Marbee Go and the rest of the Editorial team, they welcomed 200 plus notable guests.

The grand launch celebration was a night of fun not only because they announced that this is the thickest issue ever of more than 350 pages of pure inspiration and big day ideas, everything that’s on the mind of every wedding lover is probably inside. WE also announced that it was the last time they will issue their Bi-annual magazine because starting 2012 Wedding Essentials will be read quarterly.

Amir is called the Prince of Beads because his name Amir in Arabic and Hebrew means "prince”. In the Muslim world, this term means a high-ranking and powerful official. Though I want to call him Malik (Arabic term for King) of Beads, the rhythm of the Prince of Beads sounds better.

Why Prince of Beads? No one can copy Amir’s embroidery made of real beads, precious glass, stones, and gems sourced mostly from Europe. All appliques of Amir are painstakingly handstitched. The components are applied by hand on a separate fabric before it is sewn on the final creation. I saw personally how Amir does it – it’s like witnessing an artist painting a canvass. In the case of Amir, his creation (gowns, dress, or barong) is the canvass which he “paints” (sew) with his patented Amir embroidery.

View his works at and Born in Jolo, Sulu, he grew up partly in Zamboanga City and studied high school at Dumaguete Siliman University. He took Fine Arts in Cebu City and worked abrod before settling back in his country 4 years ago. He is proud to say to his clients that visit him in his House of Amir at Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City that he is from Mindanao.


Amir’s favorite line - ""Failure is not Defeat unless you Stop Trying." He quotes from the Bible “The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of Knowledge, the fools despise Wisdom and Discipline."