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Thursday, 16 February 2012 16:25

As a way to thank their loyal clients and to invite new customers, Zamboanga’s leading spa, skin and slimming center, Biocare, is celebrating their 11th anniversary with big beauty treats from Feb. 17 to19. Biocare hailed as one of the best 25 centers in the Philippines by the Philippine Spa Association and accredited by the Department of Tourism, has successfully penetrated the highly competitive market of this industry in Metro Manila.  Biocare branches in Binondo and Greehills, San Juan have attracted a lot of clients since they opened there.

Two of their best and popular treatments are the Biocare Hilot Stone Massage and Biocare Thermo Lift. The Biocare Hilot Massage is a whole body massage using lava stones combining hydro (water) and heat (thermo) therapy to release unwanted toxins on our bodies. This is an ancient and proven massage treatment wherein heated smooth, flat volcanic stones are placed on the acupressure (hilot points) of the body.

Biocare massage therapist holds the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body for proper blood and oxygen circulation. Instead of acupuncture needles, the edge part of the stone are used to apply pressure on the specific points. Aside promoting proper blood circulation, this calms the nervous system as it softens and relaxes the body tissues.

Studies have proven that Biocare Hilot Stone Maasage are good to relieve back pain and aches, tired muscles, poor blood circulation, stress and tension, osteoarthritis and arthritis pain as well nodules formation.

Biocare Thermo Lift is a procedure that uses radio frequency waves to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin to achieve ideal skin rejuvenation and tightening of deep skin tissues. This is highly recommended for facial skin tightening. It improves deep blood circulation to give the skin a natural glow and enhances its luminosity.

This treatment has been designed exclusively for cosmetic use, either for sub-cutaneous facial remodeling or for the treatment of acne or cellulite on the body. It can be performed without any downtime and is able to create dramatic changes without the need of an invasive surgery.

Top showbiz personalities and VIPs in Manila love Biocare Thermo Lift. It gives instant face and body lift, reduces body fats, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, treats acne, tightens skin pores, give a radiant and glowing skin as it rejuvenates deep skin tissues to restore a bright and for a youthful shine of a clear skin.  The treatment is painless and comfortable. And to top it all, it cost less compare to other skin centers.


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