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Sunday, 11 March 2012 00:00
Asia’s Latin City has something to be proud of. A third generation of the famous artistic  Jumalon Family from Zamboanga City, El Jumalon-Fernandez, has launched his art career at the young age of 4 at Dumaguete City (where his family is now based). His successful one day mini-art exhibit opened last Friday, March 9, at Catherrina Cittadini St. Louis School was mobbed.   He was proudly presented to the public by his school as their best school artist of the year. It is one of the highlights of the school 2012 graduation event.
Fondly called IEL, he is the son and only child of exhibitwriter Ben Fernanddez and artistic Amihan Jumalon, both from this city. He is the gandson of famous visual artists Edwin Jumalon and Lorna Fernandez-Jumalon (she is not related to Bendix- happesn they have the same family name). .
Here's a briefer from his dad Bendix: EL (IEL) JUMALON FERNANDEZ likes to scare cats and bait dogs. He likes to collect dinosaurs, bugs, and Ben 10 aliens. One day, he would like to catch a frog and cut it open to see its muscles and skeleton (we already have the gloves, scalpel, but sadly, no frog). 

But what he loves to do most is to draw. 

IEL has been drawing and painting for more than four years now, since he was two years old. He also loves to look at other art works. Last month, when he joined his Mama and Gramma for a trip to Manila to attend an art festival, he saw a row of paintings all featuring animal skulls. He stood in front of the paintings for several long moments, then turned to the gallery manager and said, I like these paintings. How much for all of them? (Taken together they all cost about php 100,000!) Instead of buying these, his gramma Nani said, why don’t you just paint your own? 

He already has. The works here are drawings and paintings that he made from 2009 to 2011. It was a thrill for him to be awarded BEST IN ART for this graduation ceremony (in addition to being in the Top 10 and having an award for Most Spontaneous - which may be Kindergarten-speak for Most Hyperactive). But it’s even more of a thrill to share these works with his mentors and schoolmates in Cittadini. 

(I hope IEL can bring his art works in Zamboanga City soon so we can enjoy his artistic creations too.)

by Dante Corteza

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