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Monday, 16 April 2012 09:47

I had the privilege to be one of the scholars of Day 8 Business Academy Inc. last April 11, 2012 at Waltermart, Makati City. I was accepted as one of the participants by Josiah Go on his seminar and free consultation about Rescue Entrep.  It was an enriching learning experience that gave me deeper insights about the challenges of running a business and how to deal with them.

I was in the company of participants with different business backgrounds. Several were doing well, others were struggling, a few wanted to start, re-start, re-invent, and re-direct their business. Like Josiah, I appreciate some of the participants who openly shared their good as well not good business experiences. It was an adult sharing event.

And if you are into business or planning to have one, you will be indebted if you can attend a Day 8 Seminar. The seminar contexts are very realistic, practical and applicable in Philippine business setting. Day 8’s advocacy is for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) business owners to have prosperity and abundance. It is committed in helping them increase their revenues, improve personal effectiveness, and cut cost without cutting corners. Fee? Pay what you can afford!

Josiah Go, the chairman and chief strategist of Mansmith and Fielders Inc., the leading Philippine company in marketing, sales and innovation training, launched Day 8 Business Academy Inc., in celebration of Mansmith 20th anniversary in 2010 and his 25th anniversary as an entrepreneur.

Here’s more about Day 8 :

Q: Tell me what's Day 8 Business Academy Inc.?
JG (Josiah Go): Day 8 is a social enterprise focusing on the training needs of the small and medium sized business owners. They comprise over 90% of companies in the Philippines.

Q:  How did you arrive at the name Day 8?
JG:  God created many beautiful things during the first six days, he rested on the seventh. Day 8 means a new day, a new beginning, a new perspective 8 is also associated with prosperity so our mission is to give a new day for prosperity for the entrepreneurs who are struggling, failing and losing money. We want to give business owners who are succeeding a new day to succeed both in their professional and personal life as well.

Q:  What are the unique features of Day 8 as a training company?
JG:  Day 8 pricing is radically new and boundary-breaking, it allows the participants to pay what they want, without questions asked. The venue is in the marketplace (Waltermart Mall in Makati) instead of an academic classroom.  Seminars are very short (3 hours each) and given direct to the point, participants can keep coming back every week for new learnings (there are new courses every week). Seminars are conducted only by successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. This is a kind of disruptive innovation to tap into a largely underserved market.

Q:  Where did you get inspiration for disruptive innovation of Day 8 Business Academy?
JG:  I kept improving on the concept in my head and simply connected the dots. I have been teaching market-driving strategies and business model innovation in Mansmith since 2009, earlier I was teaching Blue Ocean Strategy for several years, then I have been pursuing my M.A. Religious Studies at the Maryhill School of Theology since 2002, and the whole thing simply made sense to me during my oral comprehensive exam review in 2010. Imagine the business model of a church will be the pattern for a training company for small entrepreneurs -- make them come back every week, let them give what they want to give, take care of the lost, the last and the least, the whole thing just appeared right in front of me and I got so excited because I know I can help these entrepreneurs!

Q:  Can other companies also apply what you have done (learning from another industry)?
JG:  Definitely. In fact, companies should not fall in love with best practices within their industry but look for the next practices in another industry.  Imagine if Philippine Airline (PAL) can learn from Dove soaps. Dove at one time launched their "Be Yourself" campaign featuring women of many shapes and colors with beauty as commonality, they have redefine what beauty mean.  If PAL management and flight crews can team up as a tipping point to change the image of the Philippines, specifically by offering extra ordinary service (like business class service for economy passengers), then there is a possibility that the definition of Filipina (once described as a house help in a foreign dictionary) can be altered as one with extraordinary and caring service attitude. This can be culturally liberating!

Q:  How was the response to your Day 8 and what are your future plans for Day 8?
JG:  We got some 400 attendees during the first three weeks and more people kept coming via word of mouth. We averaged over twenty people per class in our first week, over fifty in our second week, some seventy in our third week.

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